Greener Gift Wrap

Each holiday season, I try to be as green as one can be and not add to the millions of tons of gift wrap that will be deposited into landfills by practicing a method of reuse.  There are lots of creative avenues to take with gift wrapping.  First I try to use up collected gift wrap and bags from last year and pair them up with whatever string and cards I have around.  Mix and match.  Thankfully, my family doesn’t mind if the presents look a little familiar as last years, so at the end of the crazy tearing spree, I save what I can for the next.  Really, who gives a ho – ho – ho.

Other papers that come in handy when gift wrapping include old posters, magazines, calendars and the miraculous brown paper bag that can be decorated in so many ways.  Save your child’s art work and drawings to wrap smaller boxes.

Reusable fabric bags are a great way to green up your gifts.  Sew up your own drawstring totes or support local crafty girls who will stitch them up for you.  Or learn the art of Furoshiki, using origami like folding with fabric to make eco-friendly wrapping cloths.  You can also wrap up gifts in a bandanna, tea towel or tee shirt making it kinda like a present in a present – double the gifting!

Baskets & cloth shopping totes are also fun to fill with gifts.  You can make the display so lovely, it really would be a shame to hide it under gift wrap.

All Natural Me Wants to Know – so, how green do you wrap?

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  1. My boyfriend and I never buy wrapping paper, we use whatever we can find, like any old shoe box or newspaper. I also save any boxes and bags that I get from gifts. I know it’s not much, but every little bit helps. 🙂 The funniest thing my boyfriend wrapped one of my presents with was a six pack box that he stuffed my new socks in. Haha.

  2. I used the HEB & Kroger Newspaper ads that came in the mail, my brother inlaw’s dvd had steaks on his wrapping and then i put the ads in the recycling bin and i wrapped my mom’s present in a cloth wine bottle bag. Recycling is the bomb, I HATE buying wrapping paper, even when it is 75% off at the local stores.

    1. Oh yeah, me too, wrapping paper sucks, it’s such a waste of paper and money. I try to find really pretty ads or fun comics from the paper to use for wrapping paper lol.

  3. Great idea to making any gift a little more green. My fiancee does this all the time and I love it. Newspaper is a great idea and it doesn’t look bad at all. As Same said, if you find a good pictures, the wrapping can look very nice.

  4. Many packaged gift-wrapping papers aren’t recyclable due to the inks and foils used to make them “attractive.” I made cloth drawstring gift bags this year with a winter theme for all of the gifts that I gave.

    The thing I like the best is that it is kind of a bonus gift that you can use for different things depending on the size of the bag. If it is a smaller bag, you can use it to store jewelry, or coins. It it is a larger bag, you can store shoes, or clothes inside when you’ve removed your amazing gift. (Survey says that the gift inside will more than likely be something else handcrafted with sustainability in mind!)

    Don’t forget that cloth bags are good for year round goodies too!

    One other thing that I have done in holidays past, was to fill up a basket with handmade goods, and let everyone choose an item. There were collage bookmarks, herbal rice wraps, canned veggies/fruits and herbal sachets. I think that is my favorite holiday tradition as far as giving is concerned. Each item is thought out and personal. It always feels so great!

  5. this past holiday season, my grandmother and i got together and purchased and decorated SEVERAL canvas totes of variable sizes. It was so much fun to decorate them and create cute slogans about recycling and reusing to put on them in stencil. she then used them to give out her gifts, it was so great. i was actually sad to see them all go, i liked them so much. i actually use mine every day as a purse!

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