Halloween Fun

Trick or Treat!!  Look ~ it’s the greenest pumpkin on the block for sure!!

I want my Jack-o-Recycler to take over the world, so hit this link and vote for it!!


Haha ~ I bet you’ll want to e-carve your own too… you know, while you are there – why not!

We also have Free Coloring Pages to print, roll into scrolls, tie with ribbon and hand out to all your precious trick’r treaters!

Creepy coloring pages courtesy of The Dreg.

Half Boy – Half Monster Coloring Page
Hairy Cyclops Coloring Page
Halloween Jack O Lantern Coloring Page
Mr. Google Eyes Coloring Page
Horned Octopus Coloring Page

Much love and Thanks to Dreg who thoughtfully made something for everyone.  My favorite is the Horned Octopus!

And before we part, let’s roll way back to this one!


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