Happy New Year Hypocrite


Dreg often refers to me as “Sadie from allhypocriticalme.com” when I’m maybe engaged in something a little less all natural than I preach AND prefer.

Sometimes, we must compromise.

Becoming a home owner this year was a huge dose of reality with living green in the real world.  We haven’t wronged Mother Earth too terribly yet, but we did go to the dark side once for the critters under the porch steps that looked like termites.  And, the ultimate blow to my eco-ego was of course, the house came with brand new vinyl siding.  Other people’s dream, my personal off-gassing nightmare.

Will I tear it down?  Nah, probably not… it is really pretty vinyl.

Anyways, my point is, I am learning lessons.  Compared to my 20-something self, my 30-something self is letting a lot of shit slide and my fiery side that once ferociously advocated for all things that needed defended and saved and promoted kinda got tired.

2009 was a bittersweet year for losing interest in getting online to blog about environmental injustices, and all the chemicals that suck and the latest cause to be active in.  My website has always been my baby, but when I turned on the computer, it was just an empty experience.  So I turned it off.  That made me happy but, All Natural Me dot com suffered.

So a new year always prompts you to ask yourself what it is that you want in your life…from your life.

For me, I need to become a student once again.  Learning keeps me inspired to live an honest and content life (even in a vinyl hut) and to be truthful, I am feeling ready to pack away my rebel yell on this blog (for now) and embrace some peaceful knowledge of natural living.  I don’t know if I will have more to say or have any incentive to look at a computer screen to blog, but I do still want to save the world a little bit.

And you know, I’m not joking.

Here’s to all of us becoming ourselves!

I wish you lots and lots of love ~ Happy New Year!!

Sadie from All Natural Me


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  1. It seems like getting by in this world can have us doing some pretty strange things. Things that go beyond our normal character. Compromise always seems to find it’s way in and then creates a little more space for it to come again. I think the only thing that most of us can do is recognize where there is a necessary compromise and where we want to compromise. I admit that both come in to play for me. I’m not always good about the choice to tell the truth. With more people aware of this choice however, I think more of us will make the better choices. You have support out here is this big crazy world. (*_*)~

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