2 Replies to “Happy Earth Day Again”

  1. Ok, you have just SO hit the nail on the head here mama! For over a week now it seems I have been getting grumblier and grumblier about Earth Day. How awful is that?? So, to make up for the grumblies, I feel guiltier and guiltier! 😛
    Seriously, I AM happy that even the big “meanies” can stop and take time to try and be green. A step in the right direction is a step, and it helps increase awareness. (Side note – I just spent a lot of time labeling re-used bottles “Compost Tea ~ NOT for drinking!!” — awareness is needed BIG TIME!!)
    But I am also SO grumbly about the people who just think they can buy there way out of this mess and into a clean conscious.

    Caring about our impact on this planet should come from the soul, not from the wallet.

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