Harvest Herbs :: Lavender ::



So, umm, so, umm… my video making skills, umm, stink and, like, umm, this is how I harvest Lavender, umm, I guess.

haha ~ just watched my own video!

Big, ummm, mistake. Sooo ummmm… Gonna have to work on that ummm-ing, ahhh, I guess.

So ummm, oh my gosh, I can’t stop – Lavender!! Lavender!!

How to Harvest Lavender:

* Cut stems above the 2 leaf point
* Harvest when flowers have just begun to open
* Smell your hands, often
* Gather in small bunches, tie with string, hang upside-down to dry
* Use in decor, potpourri, hot glue dried stems to handmade cards & gifts, place anywhere, everywhere, because Lavender is just so lovely.


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