Homeschool Room Revamp Again

It was just a few weeks ago I remember rearranging the school room and here I am again, revamping.

I’m convinced, it’s a never ending job.

So today, I was on a mission to make the school room ready for the new school year which is just around the corner and, MOST importantly, just to clean that crazy mess up!

I added a second desk, rearranged a few corners of the room and took a lot of the toys upstairs to the girls room.

I found missing pieces to games, put beads and goggly eyes in the crafty suitcase and found new homes for old items making them seem new again.

Re-sparking interest IS the name of the game when schooling littles.




Dino girl made her entrance just in time for this tired mama to snap one more quick pic!

I’m super ready for bed but still need to switch the last load of laundry and print the kids a new toothbrushing chart to start on tomorrow.

I told them I would give them a prize for finishing their month long chart – I hate to say this, but… I’m thinking either chocolate or cookies to reward their dental data, lol

Or maybe, a movie? Yeah! Popcorn and flossing included ūüôā

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