Honeybees Go on Strike


Guest comic by Mike Adams from NaturalNews.com


When I googled, What the hell is going on with the honeybees, I got lots of different insights to why so many honeybees are not producing honey and dying. Is it a virus, mites, pollution, pesticides or are they just feeling abused and have decided to go on strike?

I suppose if I was a little honeybee pollinating 130 different crops each year that the food industry depended on and was getting no thanks and only more and more genetically modified plants to pollinate, I’d bee pretty ticked off too.

But what really is this honeybee havoc all about – Does anyone know yet?

A few weeks ago, a young bee keeper posted a plea in our Myspace group to encourage people to take up bee keeping as a positive step for honeybee populations. And some members suggested planting bee-friendly flowers to support the bees that are still buzzing along. Excellent ideas, as I’m all for anything that encourages our bees to hang around and help pollinate our food supply… and allow us to have honey!


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    1. One thing I found really interesting when I read it was that honeybees, as we know them anyway, are NOT native to North America! They are actually European Honeybees and were brought over along with the settlers. I find this so fascinating to think about, because think of how many species and varieties of plants we think of as being native, yet require “help” in pollinating!
      Also, just a “fun” little fact – did you know that up in Michigan (at least I think that is where it is) there are earthworms that are destroying forests. There are several species of earthworms, another animal not originally native to this continent, and even though they move slowly, they can have a huge impact on vegetation and undergrowth in forests. Amazing to be one of the outer ripples in the butterfly effect, isn’t it??

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