How to Care for Wooden Bowls

Using wood in the kitchen?

Good for you – just remember these few things:
-Do not soak in water.
-Do not put in dishwasher.
-Do not put in microwave or oven.

And when your wood needs some love –

Just give it a buff with some mineral oil or beeswax, or better yet, do both with some beeautiful polish that I’ve been eying up at Nova Natural dot com.

Wood is good.

One Reply to “How to Care for Wooden Bowls”

  1. I have definitely never put them in the oven or microwave, but I have some wooden bowls and wooden spoons that I haven’t noticed anything go wrong with them by washing them with water, or putting them in the dishwasher to wash. What’s the biggest problem you have found with exposing them to water? Is it only a certain type of wood that the dishwasher has an effect on them wooden bowl/utensils?



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