d.i.y.friday ~ How to Make Eco-Friendly Dog Toys from Old Jeans & Tees

This post was originally published Jan 23, 2015

And now, over a year later, Boom Boom is still totally acting like a puppy who needs to chew and this DIY is still feeling totally relevant!


It just makes sense to do a dog themed diy this week! Since Boomer the puppy has joined the house, I’ve had a bit of tunnel vision towards the dog – he’s so cute and so little that it’s necessary to watch him all the time plus then when I’m not dog sitting, it’s just super fun to play with the little fur-ball!

So I have got puppy fever bad ūüôā

Here’s a video with 2 quick and easy recycled upcycled repurposed eco-friendly dog toys you can make!

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