Immunity Boosters

This time of year, every one’s immune system can benefit from a boost.  The January issue of SHAPE magazine offered these five “5 minute immunity boosters”, which I am shamelessly  passing on to you and hopefully remembering them within my daily routine.  But honestly, I really think Numero Dos should be more than five minutes.  Don’t you?  You’ll see what I mean…

Numero Uno: Eat more mushrooms and broccoli.  Shrooms help you kill pathogens while the green stuff, along with cabbage, kale and cauliflower assist your white blood cells in defending your body from free radical damage.  Hi – yah!

Numero Dos: Sneak off for a quickie!  Have more sex to increase your levels of the antibody immunoglobulin (IgA) which binds to viruses and sends out the 911 to white blood cells to kill the viral mother F’rs.

Numero Tres: Log on to social networking websites.  Having lots of friends to turn to, and being able to purge all your stress onto, can help you stay healthy.  Unless of course, your friends suck.

Numero Cuatro: Drink tea to boost the effectiveness of your white blood cells.  A couple cups a day is good and five is even better.  Hooray for polyphenols!

Numero Cinco: Eat more nuts.  Gotta get your Vitamin E.  Snack on almonds, peanuts, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, and kiwi fruit.

Don’t you just love do-able lists?  Easy peasy ways to stay healthy that you can enjoy doing, especially Numero… Uno!  You know how much I love broccoli.

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  1. My two favorite immunity boosters are Sambucol and Immunity Support supplemental formula from Dr. Weil. I take these whenever I am exposed to folks who are sick at work, or at home. I am one of the only people who listens as people complain about their cold & flu season woes, and tell them what I do to stay healthy. Then, when they walk away I get some fresh air, make sure to wash my hands lots and root around in my bag for those two trusted insurance policies!

    Also, I drink mostly white and green teas, which are both highest in polyphenols and catechins. I have always heard (but I cannot site the source) that during cold and flu season if you drink one cup of white tea, that you will fight off those nasty airborne buggers!

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