Instagram is the New Facebook

Yeah, I said it – eff FB lol

I’m really feeling done with it more & more ~ although with 500 likes now, it seems as though the All Natural Me fan page should hang around for my friends who get their notifications of new blog posts that way. But unless I log in, everything there is automatically posted by my cyber robot counterpart – ya hear me?

Make your comments here if you want me to see them just in case I forgot how to log into Facebook land.


Instagram is by far my favorite way to connect with folks these days – with pictures! It’s perfect. Most are positive because people generally tend to take pictures of what they enjoy and not what they are complaining about – whereas on Facebook….

Anyways, just like on Twitter and Pinterest – my username is allnaturalme so you can look me up with your smartphone app or on the Instagram website.

You can also see what I see on this page right here on THIS BLOG 🙂 and if you decide to start filtering your world, I’m looking forward to seeing what you see through your Instagram eyes too!

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