It’s Easy Being Green Giveaway


Long time no giveaway eh friend?  I almost forgot how fun these were!

So here we are giving away a copy of an awesome little book called “It’s Easy Being Green” by Crissy Trask which is loaded with eco-living tips.  You will love to have this book for inspiration for yourself or some of your buddies who really need a green nudge.  Love it.  Share it with many.  It could be yours.

Just comment below if you would like your name to be entered into the drawing.  And…

And… Yes, there is another hoop to jump through.   Well, just a couple we would like you to kindly jump through like… please pass this on – twitter, facebook, myspace – whatever your addiction, let your friends know about the giveaway or just allnaturalme if you like.   Of course, maybe you want to keep this a secret to better your chances  🙂  No!  Terrbible of you!!   Shame!

And… While you are here, comment on 3 other blog posts.    I know, it’s asking a lot.   People come, read, laugh, cry, get angry (?) and never make a peep, but we know you were here – we have web stats.    So say something somewhere about something somehow somebody please!!

Winner will be randomly chosen and announced here on August 14, 2010

Thanks to all who entered!  And the winner is Cheryl 🙂  look for my email!

34 Replies to “It’s Easy Being Green Giveaway”

  1. Never heard of this book. Thank you for sharing! Reposted on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. But does anyone really go on Myspace these days?? Be Well~!!

  2. Considering the Gulf Disaster and other things this book could not come at a better time. I am interested in it! Thanks! I will let my FaceBook friends know.

  3. this book sounds great, would love to win it…and yes, i tweeted and did the facebook sharing about the book as well

  4. Oh! so thats were u guyz are hiding lol …i usually only get notifications via e-mail but know i’ve joined ur facebook page i see u have been a lot more active on there 🙂 ….. thought u’d all gone!! glad ur still around and i would really appreciate the book lol, i’ll help me with my master plan to convert the masses hehehe – much love xx
    PS i’ve shared on facebook (the only social net work i use lol)

  5. Yeah, would love to have this book…
    Retweet @Twitter and Facebook… Mostly every time I read something from AllNatualMe…


  6. Been busy sending details to almost everyone in my address book as well as postind details on a couple of forums I belong to.

    Already do heaps of things to save our environment but can always learn and do much more I am sure.
    Sounds like a great read.

  7. Looks like a terrific book, My son in law is a real go Green guy, would love to get a step up on him. Posted on twitter and facebook. Thats all I belong to, to spread the word, Hope everyone has a great day.
    And good luck to you all.

  8. Since I became more conscious on self and the well being of life, I changed my hair style to all natural locs, became a vegan and surronded myself around positive people.
    I soon became more involved with mother nature and the vibes on how important it was I connect with it.

    I became eco friendly after I had my first soon 4 years ago…starting by not littering as much as I use too, growing plants and flowers on my patio and researching different ways i can incorporate eco friendly products into my business and personal life.

    I love the idea of being eco friendly, it can be expensive but its worth it. (my accessory center) (Fashion and Lifestyle Blog)

    Peace and Love!

  9. Would love to win this book & get more green ideas! Have forwarded to friends/family and those on my list. Thanks for the offer!!

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