Just Pretend You Can Afford a Green Home

If green design seems to be available for only those who are sustainably wealthy, you can always just pretend. I found a really cool website that lets you play around building your dream home and gives you choices on energy use, recycling and appliances.  Even how you eat will affect the overall green rating of your new casa.

All Natural Me designed a virtual home that rated: so fresh, so clean.

I will confess that I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t opt for the green roof option. At the time, I really wanted the bamboo siding instead and I was thinking that truly, the roof would need to be flat to have a garden on it, right? We wouldn’t want peat moss and posies sliding off and plopping into my chemical free lawn. The wood siding was just so pretty…

Oh darn. I could have really lowered my energy use by choosing the living roof top. Can I edit My Abodo and make it even more green?

Green House

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