Keep Poop and Food Out of Landfills


The baby pooped four times today. Big ones. The poop didn’t go into the garbage, it got flushed down the toilet to go where the poop should go, unless, you are an Eco-Saint and do the Humanure thing. Then the cloth diaper got washed to be ready for tomorrow’s rounds.

Landfills are so stinky and gross and two easy things to keep out of them are human waste and food.

Food is an easy one if you try to compost everything that you can. People who are new to composting are always impressed with how much less garbage they have when they stop throwing food away. Add to that recycling everything you can and you’ll find you have very little waste indeed.

If every family, business and restaurant could get with this simple program of composting food scraps, being responsible with their poop and recycling all recyclables, then our landfills would be much less burdened.

I believe there is hope.


7 Replies to “Keep Poop and Food Out of Landfills”

  1. That’s a good point about not throwing poop in the garbage. When my puppy was still pooping in the house we still flushed it. It makes more sense to do that.

    I don’t compost completely yet, mostly because I don’t have an actual composter. They’re so expensive. Does anyone know of any free or cheap, easy ways to compost without having to buy a composter? I have a pile at home that I just threw a few things of fruit and vegetables in but obviously they don’t biodegrade very fast and it’s not that much.

    1. Sam,
      We don’t have a composter either, we just use a bin we built ourselves. One trick to help things speed up decomposing is to add earthworms to your pile, another is to make sure it gets water & turned.
      If you go to I think you can find out how to make your own compost bin!

        1. Make Justin haul the food out to the compost bin! HAHAHA – Sorry, couldn’t resist. We just keep letting it go. We changed our composting style this year though. We’ve built one bin & are filling it, then next year we’re going to build a second one (& begin filling it) and use the compost from the one we’ve been filling this year. Then the 3rd year, rotate back. Make sense?

        2. Um, sure. lol. Do you recommend any of the composter ideas from I just typed in compost in the search engine and got a million results! lol. Thanks again!

        3. Since our system seems to be working (dogs being kept out is our main concern), we haven’t looked at anything else, so I can’t tell you. Just look through some and see what you think. It depends really what you’re looking for personally. Sorry to not be more help here.

        4. That’s okay. Thanks anyway. It’s hard where I live because I live in 2 family house, and with a very small yard. So I don’t want to bother anyone, and we don’t have much room as it is. I’ll just do my best. lol.

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