Kiss My Butt Soap


Well, I learned my lesson again for not buying handmade. I purchased some affordable mainstream all natural soap from the grocery store this week instead of visiting my local dealer at Talking Tree.

Hey, it was Sunday, Talking Tree was closed, I was getting stinky and the soap rang up to be less than two bucks. I saw no harm in buying the honey and olive oil bar. I like honey. I love olives. Okay!

From the instant I unwrapped the bar at home releasing the rank smell, I knew this was not going to live up to my usually suds. The smell was everywhere, which is usually what I love about buying new soap, that the lovely scent infuses the bathroom to mask the little boy pee smell that tends to linger at our house.

This Kiss My Butt soap, as it’s now referred to, was so offensive that a week later, I can’t believe I’m use to the smell now. Since it was my last two bucks, I’m even using up the stinky stuff, although, it does gross me out how slimy it gets especially because it’s brown! The brown slime drips all over the shower and the kids keep asking who pooped in the bathtub. Blah!

But I guess if the biggest thing I have to complain about is strangely scented slimy brown soap, I should just feel thankful that’s the worst thing going on.

So what kind of soap do you use?

Do you have a local dealer?

8 Replies to “Kiss My Butt Soap”

  1. I just bought a bar of “kiss my butt” soap. I liked the smell of mine, olive and green tea. But I just used it for the first time today, I think it worked okay, I don’t smell. Mine is green, so hopefully it doesn’t look like poop once it starts to melt. haha. Two bucks?! Mine was definitely not under two dollars. It was closer to 7! I don’t really have a soap that I buy all the time, I usually just try to buy the cheapest with the least harmful ingredients.

  2. Make your own and you won’t be disappointed! Come over, I’ll teach you how to do it. Once I determine how my summer is going to unfold, I’ll be planning a few classes. Love to have you join us!

  3. 2008!!! Four years have passed – I wonder if I should re-evaluate the soap!! I’ve gotten a lot more funky myself and may not mind it so much!! Haha 🙂 I would love to hang out with you and learn the ways of making soap!! I’ve read about it and even took the class at Quiet Creek… I feel like my ready point has to be near!!

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