Kissing Facebook Goodbye


My Facebook profile has officially been deactivated – yep, I am one of those people who have been playing around with the idea for so long, it finally manifested. I’ve had a few friends try to let go of Facebook but they always crawl back in a few days. WEAK I tell ya!!

I’m more committed than that.


Life before Facebook… I can barely remember it!

But I think without too much heart ache I can return to life without knowing so much about people that under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t know much about. Does that make sense to you? Because in my every day real physical life, I have about 3 real friends I interact with but in my virtual world, I have 300 “friends” to keep up with. It seems like too much & I’m ready to return to unplugged interactions. Maybe even a handwritten note too!

Facebook has been down right distracting for me.

Invasive too, perhaps.

My fault, totally, as i seem to overdo everything… including social media.


So am I renouncing all interweb interactions? Hell no – you can still connect with me on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and hello! HERE, on my blog, in the comments 🙂


The only thing that I hate to see go with my Facebook deactivation is the All Natural Me fan page. Yep, that goes down with me. I hesitated a bit with letting it go but eventually voted, Oh well.

To end on a focused note, I certainly do enjoy having a growing to-do list of Facebook-free activities that I would like to do more of:

– blog regularly (ha)
– exercise more (yeah okay)
– clean the castle (snicker)
– read stories to the littles (seriously)
– craft my ass off (i’m so on this)
– yoga & stretching (loosen up lady)
– forget about idiots (umm yes)
– make real connections (sure)
– cook yummy food (good)
– return to top of list, repeat (oh crap)


4 Replies to “Kissing Facebook Goodbye”

  1. Good for you, Mama! I too, have contemplated it for so long…however I still think it’s a good way to stay connected to the day to day goings on of distant family and friends….if you can self-regulate! haha… It is sometimes hard not to dwindle your creative time away….and I think if I were home I’d have to say goodbye too…. I hope you reclaim all of your crafty passions. P.s. Love those felted slippers!! and …i love you!

    1. Thanks for checking in mama with the well wishes! The craftiness is creeping back in for sure but giving up my Facebook fix is probably as hard as people quitting smoking, lol –

      Well maybe not quite as difficult but it certainly makes me very aware of my addictive personality!

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