Laundry: Towels, Rags & Pee Pee Cloths

Today is Laundry day (haha, every day) and here’s a Glimpse of what a couple loads of reusable cloths and towels look like:


Last week on my Facebook fan page, I posted about the reusable Pee Pee cloths that I am selling in my store. My mama friend Annoria wondered if it would add more to the laundry?

Well, it certainly isn’t the biggest pile this week! Want to know what’s what? By all means, let me label this up for you! Except for more laundry, I have nothing better to do ūüôā


#1 bath towels
#2 beach towels
#3 hand towels
#4 snot rag (nose tissue)
#5 ? wth Sadie
#6 pee pee cloths
#7 wash cloths
#8 little people wash cloths
#9 cleaning rags
#10 ear wipes

And that’s my folding for reusable cloths upstairs (butts & bodies)

Downstairs, I have a basket full of kitchen towels that I use for washing dishes, wiping counters, and some for drying hands, in place of disposable paper towels. And more cleaning rags for dirty messes and then for quick dusting, there’s always my reusable Domestic Goddess Dusting cloths!!


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