Lead in Keys

Another item to add to your Lead List is car keys!

I was just over at one of my favorite blogs, Green Talk, who had an interesting video about the amount of lead that are in keys, with the reminder that there isn’t ever a safe level.  Honestly, I never really thought about the amount of lead they put in keys, but NOW as I am thinking of my daughter who just as of yesterday was dragging daddy’s keys around the room, it’s on my mind.  What the hell – car keys!?!

So many people let their kids play with car keys, as it truly is an effective way to get them to stay occupied in the grocery cart while they wait in line to pay for their organic munchies.  I guess this is a huge NO NO.  Do not let the babes put those keys in their hands or mouths!  It also sucks to hear that most women have lead dust on the bottom of their purses since we toss our keys in there.

What a drag.  It’s not like we can really forgo the car keys.

2 Replies to “Lead in Keys”

  1. BLECH!! That’s disturbing that our keys have lead in them. I’ve always tried not to let the boys chew on my keys just because whenever I’ve had them in my mouth they always taste awful (yes, I’ve had my keys in my mouth before .. you haven’t??)!! But this is a new reason to keep them away from the kids!
    On a fun note: I actually have an old key to my grandfather’s house that is made completely of aluminum. It’s so light it is truly unbelievable! Maybe a green key maker will start making keys from aluminum again!

    1. Oh, that’s neat! My boyfriend’s family has a really old house up in Maine, and everything from his great grandfather is still there, including old aluminum keys! That would be great if they could make keys from recycled metals too.

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