Learn about the Herb Tansy

If my chickens don’t die this week, Tansy would be a good herb to plant around their living quarters to repel fleas.

(See comment section below blog post for my chicken drama)


My favorite things about Tansy:
– lots of pretty yellow flowers
– kills head lice
– repels fleas & bed bugs
– insect repellent
– natural dye for cloth

Ideas on ways to use Tansy:
– plant near your chickens to repel fleas
– make a natural lice treatments for children
– stuff into mattress pad to discourage bed bugs
– dry the flowers to dye cotton & wool
– plant around porch to repel insects
– use with caution, can terminate early pregnancy

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And here are a few videos about tansy to learn more:


My personal thoughts on Tansy

is what a great herb for repelling & killin’ insects and lice!

Here’s a recipe quote from Bulk Herb Store:

Tansy kills bugs, worms and lice! In a quart jar add 1/3 tansy to 2/3 apple cider vinegar. Seal and shake every day for 3 weeks, then strain and bottle. At the first sign of lice, wet your head down with the tansy extract, and cover hair with a plastic bag for 30 minutes. Then, wash. Do this 2 times 2 weeks apart. It will not harm your hair, it is not toxic and it works!


The other interesting thing I’ve read about this herb is using a tansy flower essence for depression! You can read more about that on sacredessences.com and a flower essence in a dropper bottle can be found to order at Herbs Pro

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Thanks for learning about the herb tansy with me!
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One Reply to “Learn about the Herb Tansy”

  1. So wtf is up with my chickens? I think, from my googling – they either have fowl pox or another gross sounding infection called Blackhead (a parasite infection!!)

    omg, so sad right!!?? And especially because just last week, I was so appreciative of these dumb birds & their bird dirt I even blogged about them! i was feeling so happy to be a farmer lol

    Now I’m feeling WAYYYYYY out of my homesteading comfort zone!

    So I guess they will either return to wellness or – not.
    I’ll keep ya posted –

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