Learn about the Herb Tarragon

Tarragon, aka Dragon Wort, is a popular herb widely recognized for its strong aroma and many culinary uses.

Perfect for seasoning chicken, fish, and egg dishes!


My favorite things about tarragon:
– has unique & intense flavor
– remedy for gas & digestion
– kills intestinal worms
– numbs your mouth & gums
– many medicinal uses
– helps you relax & sleep
– calms anxiety

Ideas on ways to use tarragon:
– chew it fresh
– make an herbal vinegar
– dry leaves for winter tea
– use in cooking chicken, eggs & fish
– mash fresh leaves & apply to toothache

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My personal experience with this herb is that ~

Tarragon is amazing.

I brought home a plant last summer
from the Sawmill Herb Show and holy moly!!
This herb is crazzzzy!!!

When you eat it fresh – it numbs your mouth.

It has this fantastic anise thing going on at first
and then, leaves a numbness on your tongue that’s
you guessed it,

And even though I read that drying makes it lose its potency,
I did it anyway,
made some tea this winter,
and guess what?

It’s delicious and STiLL
has mouth numbing properties!!


It’s such a lovely herb to get to know!

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