Learn about the Herb Thyme

It’s time for thyme!! (snicker snort)

Finally a culinary herb –
No offense, yarrow & wormwood,
but you guys will probably not make it
into my salad bowl, ever.

Thyme on the other hand, YES PLEASE.


My favorite things about Thyme:
– kills viruses & bacteria
– helps to remove fungal infections
– eliminated through the lungs & kidneys
– powerful medicine for everyone

Ideas on ways to use Thyme:
– make a tea for internal healing
– do an inhalation steam for the lungs
– use a strong tea as a skin wash for cuts
– eat fresh in a salad or add to soups
– infuse into honey or vodka to help with coughing

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Get cozy & Learn more about thyme by watching these videos:


My personal experience with thyme

is mostly in the kitchen – I flipping LOVE it!!

In salads, in soup, with chicken, in liver pate….

Yeah, it’s good stuff.

And now, I have intentions for more cups of thyme tea,
and I’m thinking a diy thyme tea scalp rinse, eh?

Thyme’s medicine goes directly to your lungs,
GOOD to know!!

I have also just discovered that when you pair it with Fenugreek,
it’s a good remedy for migraine headaches!

Click here for a capsuled combo if that applies to you!


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  1. Love, love, LOVE Thyme! This is GREAT info, I never thought to put in in salads, but it goes into almost everything else I cook. Very glad to hear about the Thyme/Fenugreek migraine remedy! Thanks for sharing, Love! I miss your face and love you a million billion!

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