Learn about the Herb Wormwood

Wormwood is a super bitter plant just like last week’s herb, Yarrow!

This one you’ll need to use with more caution, but know that it’s there for you –



My favorite things about Wormwood:

– prevents and helps kill parasites
– kills cancer cells
– stimulates digestion
– repels wasps


Ideas on ways to use Wormwood:

– make a tea for relief of gas
– add a couple drops of tincture to your water bottles when traveling
– drink tea or smoke dried herb for headaches and pain relief
– make an infusion for intestinal worms
– use a compress with the tea for irritations, bruises, and sprains

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Get cozy & Learn more about wormwood by watching these videos:

My personal herbal experience with wormwood
includes growing it in a pot (and letting it die from not watering)

Soaking my feet in the tea to remedy athletes foot

Taking it internally in a capsuled herbal blend for a parasite cleanse.

And thinking that it helps repel wasps, well –

I am really looking forward to growing it in the yard
and getting to know it better!


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