Learn about the Herb Yarrow

Yarrow NEEDS to be in your herbal medicine cabinet!

It grows wild for you to forage or,
introduce it into your yard and herb garden
with yarrow seeds purchased from Sadie’s SeedsNow Shop!!


My favorite things about yarrow:
– it’s anti-viral
– stops bleeding
– helps you sweat to manage a fever

Ideas on ways to use yarrow:
– drink as a warm tea for a fever
– drink as a cold tea to stimulate digestion
– apply fresh or dried leaves to a nosebleed or cut
– use the tincture to kill flu & cold germs
– use the tincture to brush teeth & tighten gums
– drink tea or tincture for heavy menstrual flow or hemorrhoids
– spray tincture in mouth before eating as a bitter remedy

Click here to print this herb yarrow study list!

Get cozy & Learn more about yarrow by watching these videos:

My personal herbal inventory¬†now includes a yarrow tincture –
made with flower heads picked right outside my back porch!

I was so excited to find yarrow growing in my yard!

I have ordered dried yarrow before to infuse in vodka to use as a bug repellent base.

A tea could also be made from my dried herbs.

I plan on powdering dried yarrow to be used as as styptic for bloody noses & cuts

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Thanks for learning about the herb yarrow with me!
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ūüôā Sadie

And for those of you studying herbs along with me,
Print this sheet for your study binder
(lots of room to add your own notes!!)
Herb yarrow printable!

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