Lights Off for Earth Hour

Get Ready to Switch Off Your Lights!!

Saturday, March 29 at 8pm is the official time for Earth Hour.

All you need to do is turn off your lights for an hour to collectively help save the world a whole butt load of energy. Yeah, think about the positive impact we could have on the climate if more people used less electricity. On that note, I should get up and turn off the hallway light.

Hooray! Save the Earth!

For at least an hour anyway… has all the background info if you are interested in hearing how this global movement started last year in Sydney, Australia as a way to inspire folks to take action on climate change.

Don’t worry if you’re city isn’t signed up for the official Earth Hour. You can still participate by yourself just by flicking off those lights. While I’m thinking of it, why not have a little “off time” every day?

When you are not using them, turn off lights, appliances and if you can handle it, even this darn computer!

2 Replies to “Lights Off for Earth Hour”

  1. We enjoyed Earth Hour so much that we have started doing it every night! My two sons like to bathe by candlelight now, and when they do so they are all relaxed and introspective instead of splashing violent sea monsters. I think it is really romantic and forces my husband to be creative and enjoy some unplugged activities like playing board games instead of watching TV/Wii’ing. (Do you call it Wii’ing? Is that a verb now? Isn’t it funny??)

    I like to go to bed early. Lights out at 8!

    Mama Bess

  2. I think during one of the games of the playoffs in the MLB, we’re having a nation wide “lights out” night. I just heard a little bit about it earlier today, but I’m not sure what game and when. Anyone else know?

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