Litter Break Down


Great motivation to reduce the amount of stuff we consume, recycle everything we do use and pick up trash and put it in it’s place… like up the can of the a-hole who was rude enough to litter.

No, no silly.  I really mean, put the litter in the trash can, so it can go to the landfill and sit and sit and sit and sit and sit and sit and sit…for a really long time.

7 Replies to “Litter Break Down”

  1. I wish cigarette littering was taken more seriously… I watch smokers all the time just flick that lit puppy into the wind without a moment of reflection.


  2. I know! I was at work yesterday, and outside was a nasty cigar butt in the parking lot. I thought about this blog entry and how it’s going to take about 5 years to break down.

    How can anyone be so careless, and just throw garbage where ever they please? Don’t they know where it goes or how long it takes to go away?? I can’t imagine myself ever being that careless.

    People are gross…

  3. Very good illustration.

    Glass, plastic, rubber, and metal can be recycled.
    So what do you do with a cigarette or cigar butt? You could throw it in the trash can – but it will still end up in the earth….so what alternative is there?

  4. I think everyone should see this timeline to see how long their crap sits on the earth!
    Also how does this little icon of me work?

  5. I am glad you put that picture up. I have started picking up trash around my walks. We need more people to pick up 10 pieces of litter a day and maybe we could get the planet cleaned up a little.

  6. Thanks for putting up this photo – what a great impact it makes! We try to pick up as much litter as we can whenever we’re out and about, and to make sure it gets recycled if possible.
    It never ceases to amaze me how people can live so unconciously. Without thinking about their actions, much less the effects those actions have, both immediately and long-term.
    I will admit for us it is still hard to REALLY get the “consume” less part through our heads and into daily practice. We get so bombarded by ways to consume “green” that it is easy to forget that you’re still consuming. I mean, hey … an all-organic wardrobe, all organic-fair trade personal beauty supplies, household stuff, and so on … hard to resist!! But it is STILL consuming, and at some point it STILL becomes waste.

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