Look Mom – Towers!

Children are magnificent little beings & Motherhood can be an experience filled with joy. It’s important for us mamas to not be sooo busy & too preoccupied to remember to take time to LOOK and SEE our children.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of inspiration from Rachel Marie Martin – her blog is generous with ways of Finding Joy! Fantastic reminders to all mamas! (Especially me, Sadie Marie Martin! Yes, I thought that was cool)

I really thought of all this the other night when my son repeated asked me to come look at his amazing creations. Sure, I said, in a minute. I knew he had been stacking up the rainbow blocks & I just assumed I already knew what he wanted to show me so the minute turned into twenty.

When I finally made my way downstairs, I was SURPRISED to find such magically stacked things of all sorts & sizes! My son had been swept away in a creative lala land & left many remnants of his creative play.

Instant Mama Bliss to know her 10 year old still finds time to be a child. Of course, I ooo’d and awe’d and took pictures and told him I was so glad to see his creations. He beamed and We left them up all night where they stood gallantly until a destructive little sister took care of them in the morning.









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