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A market story… A few years back, Dreg and Sadie from All Natural Me spent a summer vending at the local farmers market. What a great experience spending an entire day baking fresh bread to wake up super early the next morning to try to sell wheat buns in the rain.  Sadie remembers all the nice folks who supported the local farmers and how lucky she was to have so much fresh produce to pick from.  Dreg remembers having to eat up all the soggy buns that didn’t find homes.  It was a good summer for every one.

We love our farmers market because all our friends grow there!


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11 Replies to “Love Your Farmers Market”

  1. I do love farmer’s markets. There is so much fresh food, whether it’s produce, baked goods or dairy products. You can’t go wrong with spending a morning or afternoon at your local farmer’s market.

  2. Gotta love famer’s markets. I just wish there were more in my area…they’re not too popular around here so when we do have one it’s very small and doesn’t last too long.

  3. Mm I wonder what the smell of freshly baked bread and rain mixed together is like? Yes, farmers markets are definitely amazing. Fresh food, locally grown… and an overall fun experience.


  4. whats a top seller at a farmers market?i was thinking of seeling jams,cinamon buns,home baked goods,bread and buns,berries when in season,etc…..what are some tricks also for getting attraction to your table.looking for tips and tricks,ideas to be a successfull seller.

  5. I agree that you should support farmers markets. It is great being able to skip the middle man and avoid the extra pollution. Plus the fresh food is always delicious. Unfortunately we don’t seem to get much of these markets in the city.

  6. Yes I do really enjoy going to the farmer’s market in our area, actually we go every Sunday morning. Definitely nothing like a good and fresh fruits and vegetables. If you never went in any farmer market, you must have to have this experience. It is a fun and great experience, the food is very good.
    Farmers’ market produce is very fresh. They offer natural and organic food; meats, cheeses, eggs, fruits and vegetables and many other goodies.
    The Farmer’s markets help the farmers stay in business as well. When farmers sell direct to public they get a better price.
    They don’t make much money for their produce when they sale at whole sale. I think almost near the cost of production

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