Lyme Bliss

Amazing! I really love it when the universe allows me to find what I need – I just stumbled across this article about Lyme’s Disease that was a great joy for me to read.

Finally! Something from a vibrational viewpoint that truly resonates with me. I love how the universe continues to match me up so perfectly with the right kind of people who will lift me & inspire me. Because THAT, is what healing is to me.

I lovingly commented on the article and I will post it here too ~

I Have always noticed in the past when I have become ill, that there is a great benefit to it. Vibrationally, it launches me into a strong wanting of wellness. (obviously) but the great benefit is, when I start feeling better from the sickness I spring forward into a state of blissful appreciation – for my body, for being alive, for loving so many things… For knowing that the state I truly want to be in – is a healthy one. My intentions and directions become very clear to me and I truly appreciate that clarity.

Now that experience so far has only ever come from something viral or the latest bug going around – but now three months into my lymes adventure, i am almost kind of excited to see where this crazy experience launches me!


Just when I thought I had plateaued on inner work, I am asked to do more, I am asked to reach higher, dig deeper, look closer, quieter – expand more.

Life and all its contrasts are all gifts – you just have to undoubtably always see them that way.

Lots and lots of love to you!!

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  1. I enjoyed reading the Lyme article as well, thanks for sharing that. It sounds like a frustrating and scary disease to have, but I was glad to read about all the healing and recovery.

    This past week or so I have been sick…itchy- scratchy- sore throat and major sinus congestion. It got better a few days ago, but keeps reminding me every now and then that it is not completely gone. It really does make you realize you need to slow down and love yourself every once in awhile, as well as keep healthy.

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