Lyme Supplements


There’s a lot of things that come with Lyme Disease – handfuls of supplements may be one of them.

They definitely are for me –


These pictures were taken over the winter when I started taking herbs for Lymes. Since then, my vitamin shelf has pretty much run out of room! And the handful of pills turned into handfuls!! Why? Most of the herbs you increase the longer you take them – plus add on your regular supplements & other herbs you take for this & that and by golly, you’ve got a ton of pills to swallow!


One supplement I took was Himalayan Salt – recommended with large doses of vitamin C to kill the beasts within.

I found no ill effects to try a little of this as my body always feels better with a bit of extra salt –


Natural girl or not – I felt obligated to take some antibiotics – 30 days of it and then 2 months later when I couldn’t get out of bed again, another 30 days of a different kind.  And then I said – that’s enough of that harshness!  Meds are down right rough on me!

Was 60 days enough??  Who the ef knows!  My doctors say that should be good enough but in my head, the jury’s still out.  Honestly, I still feel foggy & sedated in the brain at times, okay – most of the time and my neck has a weird creaky stiffness to it now.   Kinda strange!


So what can I do?  Astragalus Root is super important for me to take to build up my immune system & Japanese knotweed is high on the list too for the lymies ~ Cat’s Claw, Sarsaparilla and Andrographis also sit on my shelf to do their healing / killing / supporting roles.



This past month – everything has just been sitting there.  I was keeping up with my supplement expectations and then I just seemed to get burnt out on it.  Plus, I started feeling pretty good, which naturally causes you to forget to take your pills & vitamins since the need has lessened.

But now that I’ve dropped out and haven’t taken my herbs – I feel like crap!  It’s a dramatic difference to how I was feeling with the improvement.  Clearly, they were helping and I need to get back on track – and I will, just as soon as I can get up off this couch and then remember why I got up!


When looking for suggestions for Lymes, I found a lot of information on including a protocol of herbs & supplements to take.

Stephen Buhner’s plan resonated with me pretty good:

Rather than making it a priority to kill the lyme spirochetes in any form, Stephen’s approach to managing lyme disease is as follows:
1. Support collagen structures so that damage to the body systems ceases;
2. Enhance immune function so that the body can deal with the organism itself;
3. Shut down the inflammatory pathways the spirochetes initiate, especially in the CNS;
4. Treat symptoms;
5. And only then, try and kill the spirochete.


So I bought his book and taped the protocol on my wall & got busy swallowing!



Now to getting back to feeling better again!

If you have Lymes – I’m always open to suggestions!  I love to hear what is working for people – maybe there’s a new herb or supplement to try, to add on to my regimen… it’d only be one more pill 🙂

Ha ha!   Having a sense of humor may be the best remedy of all!!

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