10 Replies to “Make an Easy Laundry Detergent that Works”

  1. Be careful using dawn… I used to use it as an emulsifier to help keep my liquid detergent from separating, I found myself as well as my son and many friends were allergic to the dawn.

    1. Someone else this week also mentioned to me how they had heard some people are allergic to Dawn Dish soap – Thanks for your comment Idna!

      It’s definitely always a good idea to proceed with caution if you have sensitivities as I wouldn’t categorize Dawn soap as being all natural at all. I’ve been using it for quite a while without any trouble but because I like it, I may have to change my website to allnaturalmeexceptforthedawnsoap.com lol

      I have used this basic recipe with all natural dish soaps before (seventh generation & ecos) and it works alright with them. I bet you even Dr. Bronners would be one to experiment with. But since I use coconut oil on my body, along with even thicker shea butter – my clothes tend to hold the oils and gather a smell to them if I don’t regularly cut the grease. And that’s what Dawn does best.

  2. I am making a powdered one tomorrow for a DIY Fridays post that will probably go up after Valentine’s Day. After I try my powdered one, I’m also gonna try your recipe for liquid one, but replace dawn with Bronner’s and see how that works. Mind if I link to your post in my post?

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