Make Every Day Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day!

We’ve been living eco-friendly every day since last year – how about you?

Hey, I have a great idea! Since I’ve been busting my green ass for 365 days in a row, I think I’m going to take one off. Now that sounds like a REAL holiday!

But the question is, could I get through one day without picking up trash, stirring my compost and condemning folks for not living naturally? Hmmm… On second thought, I guess I won’t be taking a day off after all.

And you know what – I wouldn’t want to anyways!

Celebrate Green and Have a Great Earth Day!

Online Resources for Earth Day

3 Replies to “Make Every Day Earth Day!”

  1. Ha! My husband and I were visiting a very woodsy part of Texas, taking a walk in a National Forest, and I could not help (and did not mind) reaching down to start collecting plastic garbage. Poor husband declared, “Can’t you stop for just once?!”

    It was another showdown about recycling, alas. Though I did not collect any more garbage/recyclables, we did take responsibility for the ones already picked up. He’s come a long way though from when we met.

    Cool site.

    1. hehe. Sounds like my boyfriend. He just giggles at me when I automatically choose the recycled paper towels or get excited about a new cleaning product made with soy. But I catch him making sure to recycle his soda cans or use a reusable bag at the grocery store. 🙂

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