Make Your Own Laundry Powder


Made a video just for you!!

Super easy recipe for a homemade laundry powder. Works great with front loaders too.

Only 4 ingredients to mix together – Borax, Washing Soda, Baking Soda, Boraxo – careful pouring, it can be dusty! Smells a little perfumey when you make it, but doesn’t show up too much at the end of laundering. Believe me, if it did, I’d be annoyed!!

This recipe is certainly easy on the wallet as well and Mama & Papa are loving this one.

If powder just doesn’t do it for ya, try the liquid laundry recipe.

7 Replies to “Make Your Own Laundry Powder”

  1. A new twist! I like this idea. How do these soap flakes compare with something like Ivory? I’ve never used either. Thanks for sharing, Sadie! Love ya!

  2. I am not sure if you recognize me, but I was in the same grade level as your sister. 🙂 I remember having home-ec together! 🙂 I love your videos from Quiet Creek…I just love that room they have, I would love to live there!!! 🙂

    1. Thought you looked REALLY familiar!

      THAT room at Quiet Creek is awesome. Major inspiration to seriously downsize the amount of stuff we pack away in our homes. Simple is good.

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