Make Your Own Lovely Lip Balm

Something I’ve wanted to do for a decade now, so with my probably outdated beeswax, I decided to finally do this man!!

After looking at a few lip balm recipes, which always had an ingredient that I didn’t, I kinda saw that the oil to wax ratio was 4 times a much oil, give or take.  So what I did was melt down my hunk of wax so I’d know how much it was (about a third cup) and then I knew how much oil to use.

The oils I used in this batch included coconut oil, olive oil, safflower oil, a bit of castor oil and a vitamin e capsule.

I melted and mixed and then added my essential oil blends (so easy!!)

What did I use you ask?  I will share – one with peppermint and orange – one with orange and clove and one with fennel 🙂  Then I ran out of lip balm containers and still had a lot of balm left to use so I made a perfumed salve with a mix of sandalwood and rosewood – my favorites…. mmmm…. bliss!

My house smelled soooo good and I, with my cranky babe and Dreg’s party hat, was ultra-moisturized from all the testing.  Very proud of me AGAIN this weekend (as if the yogurt making were not enough!) and I’m totally stocked on balms which always makes me feel well taken care of… the same thing with having lots of soap.  Hmmm… I think I know what I will try next!

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  1. Wow!! Way to go, Green Mama! I would like to know how you melted your beeswax…the batch I tried got botched when I followed a recipe for melting in the microwave… Made the whole batch stink like burned stuff…and so, I need to try again. Double boiler???

  2. yeah a makeshift one will work ~ i just put in the glass measuring cup into the boiling water. it melts pretty quick. Where did you order the beeswax? I’m looking forward to doing this again & making some salve for the kids to use too.

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