Making Yogurt at Home

Dear Stoneyfield,  I love you…. but since there are never any openings for your Yogurt Brigade at TerraCycle, I am starting to become personally appalled at the number of yogurt containers our gurt eatin’ cubs go through. And Mama Bear, with her addiction to the cream on top varieties, can put away cases of the yummy intestinally friendly cultured goodness with ease.

Waste is waste, no matter how delicious, so it’s time to take another green step with my intentions to reduce Reduce REDUCE!!

It’s time for me to finally make yogurt!!

I am feeling so ready after being inspired by a writer who just has to be my new yogurt making friend.  This lady girl has a beautiful connection with food and completely breaks down the yogurt process in lovely photographic form.  She’s amazing and I hope she gives me her blessing to use the yogurt picture above that I took without asking.  I also hope she’s not freaked out when I spontaneously show up at her place for dinner.  You know what, she’s cooking with the season and I love that.  Let’s Make Yogurt with… Amy from Eggs on Sunday!

Oh my gosh,  look how loving I am right now.  I think yogurt making is going to be good for my soul.  AND I’m thinking yogurt is going to be a better hit than my water kefir kick last year.  I trust this more.

Another new friend of mine who doesn’t know it yet, is Sabjimata – who may indeed be my long lost PA sister!  (someone please buy her house she’s selling – it’s gorgeous!)

Sabjimata can completely dispel any fear of making your own homemade yogurt with just a little spinning – talk about making it all seem so simple in such a fun way.  She doesn’t really measure or anything and yet some how,  it all magically manifests in the pot.

If you can think yogurt, you shall have yogurt!

And since Sabjimata was so rudely interrupted by impatient technology, here’s part two:

Hooray –  Much yogurt love to all – Go culture something!!

Click her to Make Yogurt at Home

5 Replies to “Making Yogurt at Home”

  1. Making your own yogurt is the best thing ever!! I know y’all are going to love it! Good luck! 🙂

    PS – Not that I think you’ll have any yogurt “flops” but just in case … don’t feel bad, give it to the dog. Good for dogs tummies too and they aren’t so picky about flops. (Speaking from experience)

  2. Thanks Mama T for the luck… if anyone can screw something up, ahem, it’s me. Which reminds me of all my laundry soap flops.

    Sabjimata!! You found me before I had a chance to email you – hooray 🙂 thanks for stopping by – I love your cooking videos and hope you make more!!

    And YOUR blog is so fun too – you had me laughin’ Mama!! Especially the Karma ice cream one ~

  3. I love yogurt making. Looking forward to checking out the link.
    Have you tried Kefir yet. If not let me know…I will send you some of my grain so you can start. A quick and easy fermented yogurt type drink. Oh so good and good for you!
    Someone above mentioned giving yogurt to the dog, we also share yogurt and Kefir with our chickens…LOL!

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