Medication Side Effects


You’re either on them or will find yourself needing them one day.

Sometimes it seems like in order to fix what’s ailing you, you have to trade in one problem for an even bigger one, just so you don’t have to sneeze again.

Are the side effects worth it?

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  1. It seems to me that most medicines, whether they are prescription or over-the-counter, only mask your symptoms – they do not cure or treat anything, and although side effects that are listed don’t effect everyone – at some point it will reach you or someone you know…then it will be more than just small talk.
    I have had two experiences myself, and who knows what would have happened if I was not aware of my own body and mind at the time. First experience came when I tried taking Wellbutrin as an aid to quit smoking. On the third day I was off work and decided to clean out my closet, the next day when I returned to work my left arm started hurting. I honestly thought that I had just hurt myself cleaning, until it got to the point where I was holding my arm up while typing..and then got home, laid down, and “felt” the pain move also to my right arm. I can only describe the pain as “restrictive and completely uncomfortable”. It felt like someone was twisting both my arms off. Solution: Drink a lot of herbal tea and water to clean it out of my system.
    The second experience was last summer. I had an ear/sinus infection that had persisted for almost a month – so I decided it was time to go to the doctor (ENT). I was told that my infection was very mild and given a prescription for some antibiotic (forgot the name, something like cendifir).
    My infection cleared up slowly, and I was finally done with my medication, but soon started having pain in my side (which I thought was gas or something) – until my visits to the bathroom became too frequent and painful w/ blood in my stool. I won’t even begin to explain how difficult it was to get the doctors to understand what was happening (although I knew after getting details from Wikipedia)- “just come in ” they said.
    In conclusion….the medication had killed the “good bacteria” in my system, and therefore I was now suffering from a bacterial infection in my colon….which I had to take another antibiotic for. Yippee!

    My advice is too always lookup information on any med before you take it, regardless of what others say…and tell someone close to you about any side effects you are having – just in case. Also realize that most (not all, but most) professionals don’t care at all about you – you are on your own and at your own risk you will travel.

    Longest prescription drug commercial I have seen to date:

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    1. I can not agree more about researching the medicines for yourself, researching about side effects and knowing & listening to YOUR body!! I was given Topamax to take for migraines (it was originally a medicine for epilepsy). I immediately started having negative side-effects. When I did research I found I was having not just the common ones, but the “uncommon” ones as well. I called my neurologist, told the nurse my concerns and asked that the doc call me back. Was told “he doesn’t like calling patients back.” I told her how important it was to me to be able to talk with MY DOCTOR! A few hours later, the nurse called me back. Doc wanted to drop my dosage. When I expressed concerns about all these side-effects I was told “if it makes you feel any better over 80% of his patients are on topamax.” I dropped the doc instead, and went all natural. Have my life back, have my body back, and my head feels great.
      I’d rather put my wellness and faith into something that has been around and in use for thousands of years than something created in a lab a couple years ago that MIGHT help. I’d rather listen to MY body rather than a textbook that is going on results based on the general median.

  2. Do you know of any all natural cures for epilepsy? I have been taking prescriptions for it for about 13 years now, and I hate that I have to take them. I don’t know of any all natural remedies.

  3. Dealing with Bipolar, HIV and chemical dependency has been challenging. Besides being on medications, constanly drinking Yerba Mate Tea has been so energizing for me. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

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