MittiHeal – How to Use Natural Wound Care Powder

We love trying new products – especially when they’re all natural and homeopathic based!

When MittiHeal sent the wound care powder of Calendula, Arnica Montana, Mint & Sandalwood for us to try – it was just so timely that my son had a seeping boo-boo that was looking infected.



Yep! It was gross ~ Lucky us!!

MittiHeal is a pleasant smelling powder & comes in a package. No secrets here – I love the aroma! After I opened it, I found an clean empty container to store the extra in, as a little bit goes a long way!




Applying it was easy – I just sprinkled a small amount onto the wound & patted it in. All that pus held it in there, but I could’ve moistened the area if needed.




Now to get healing!!

Intrigued? Looking forward to more gross wound pictures!?! Yes! Tomorrow I’ll fast forward time & show you the healing progress AND….


We are going to have a MittiHeal Giveaway!!! Be sure to visit tomorrow to find out how to enter!! This is a great product to have in your natural healing medicine chest!

4 Replies to “MittiHeal – How to Use Natural Wound Care Powder”

  1. Wow! I am a WCC nurse and was very impressed with this wound’s resolution of healing. Quite impressive. Love that natural aspect of it. I want to find the product!

  2. I would really like to try this product! Sounds interesting. As for the worst wound Ive had to heal, Im not sure but there have some good ones!

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