Motherwort my muthertrucking fave herb 

Although I try to stay in a state of bliss,
appreciation and gratitude –
23% of my time is actually
spent in bitchmode.

Yeah, that’s a real thing.  

So, motherwort is an herbal ally
for anxiety, overwhelmed feelings,
frazzled nerves and a heart remedy. 

Also good for muscle spasm and cramps. 

And even, other things:

To make a tincture,
you cut off the flowering tops,
plop them into hundred proof vodka,
and let it sit for six weeks.

You just need a dropper full of this remedy
in water to usually do the trick! 

Invite this plant into your yard or,
for crying out loud,
just buy some of the tincture online. 

Yep, I’m presently hanging out in the 23% 

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