My Mom Manifested a Kitten

Once upon a time, my mom decided she was never going to get any more cats ever again. She had thought a lot about what she did not like about them and, she was certain, she was done with cats.

I went out to breakfast with my mother and she talked to the waitress who started talking about her cats and about all of the stray kittens living in her neighborhood. My mother understood this woman’s frustration with the cat problem. They talked about what to do with the feral kitties. They talked about how these strange kittens were very impersonal. They talked about how some of the stray cats were using the flowerbeds as litter boxes and how the male alpha cat needed taken down before he bred again. They talked about things they didn’t like about cats and about the few things that they did. There was a lot being said about cats.

The waitress had some very descriptive stories to share about her cats and even did an impression of her cat who discovered one of the stray kittens at her window.

When the waitress walked away – my mother said “that is why I am so done with cats!”

That night, my mother felt a sudden inclination to walk to her garage and maybe take a ride on the four wheeler for fun…

That ride never happened because coming up the road at her, whining and yammering, was a little stray kitten. Meowing loudly “hey hey hey I heard you asked the universe for cats!”


The universe never hears the word no. It’s inclusive and governed by the law of attraction. It’s simple physics – what you think about, is what you get.

Make sure you are filling your thoughts with things that you want!!


Her name is Cindy.

2 Replies to “My Mom Manifested a Kitten”

    1. Now she needs to manifest a very rich, handsome, kind, and did I mention, wealthy, good looking, sweet man to run down the road at her… either meowing or not, doesn’t matter….

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