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  1. Good Morning,

    My name is Sharon Sabo and I am a small livestock owner here in Southern Illinois. I was approached by a National Organization and tasked with assisting to write a “White Paper” for U.S. House Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry which will be held on on March 11, 2009 concerning the National Animal Identification System.

    It quickly became apparent that I was overwhelmed by “facts” or “data”. Especially when I sat down to figure out our costs. To comply with this fully implemented program is beyond our financial budget. If we don’t comply we will have to purchase our food. That, for just Dairy and Protein, will cost more then our current mortgage per year. We are fiscally responsible as the only debt we have is our home/land, but small livestock owners across the nation will face this issue. We literally will be driven to the Government for the ability to feed our family.

    In itself our struggle perhaps would not be a burden on the Economy.
    However when one analyzes the Governments own data, it quickly becomes apparent that 81% of small cow-calf operators will be affected by this:

    “According to the 2008 NASS – 779,000 or 81% of Cow-Calf operations in the United States fall under 100 head(1 footnote). As indicated by Kansas State University (3 footnote), the 2007 cost analysis at 100 head rests at $15.90 with implementation costs disproportionately increasing to farmers and ranchers as the size of herd decreases.”
    (latest data 02/12/09)

    That coupled with the following fact indicates the 81% of “small” less
    than 100 head will be either forced to operate under a loss if they
    comply or simply exit the beef production (personal or commercial)

    Net Returns on Cow – Calf operations projected for 2009 – 2010 per cow:

    $-24.25, -47.92 i. Combined with NAIS costs: projected net loss of
    $87.86 – 111.53 per cow/calf. This does not include the time cost of
    implementing NAIS.

    FAPRI 2007 U.S. and World Agricultural Outlook January 2007 FAPRI Staff Report 07-FSR 1 ISSN 1534-4533 Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute Iowa State University University of Missouri-Columbia Ames, Iowa U.S.A., p.121

    Look. It is not as if we think there are alien invaders from outer space
    planning to invade the planet. We see, have documented and presented a real world realistic analysis of a System that will force consumers, producers and providers to either quit or hide.

    The question becomes when one has to “hide” from the Government to feed oneself what does that say about the situation?

    Please consider looking at the following White Paper and taking a stance one way or other on this issue. Consider how the implementation will affect you members and ponder what is “right”.

    We are farmers, we are mothers, we are livestock owners, and we are


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