New Apron Night Banana Bake-off

New apron + 2 bunches of bananas that need used up = a fun night in the kitchen (by myself)!!

How often does this even happen?

Once a week if I’m lucky! *wink*!!

*sweet vintage apron from Back to Simpler Times*


So, I woke up this morning to the kitchen remains of a serious bake off – several batches of Amish inspired banana cupcakes happened last night and a Banana cream pie with 4 mile high meringue!

(I’m still advancing slowly on the cleaning bit)

Fluffy white clouds of fun to slather on ~


As pretty as it was, when it came down to the taste test, the meringue sucked, BUT – – it LOOKED impressive, lol ūüėČ


I guess I need to study the “art of meringue” a little better… At the time though, in my new apron, I was in love with the whipped textured beast.


Oh well, all was not lost – All of my banana cupcake customers were extremely pleased.

They came back again & again for more! They really were more tasty than my regular banana bread recipe – amazing what an extra half cup of sugar can do!


And, I can’t wait to test out the other two new aprons that have homed with me from Back to Simpler Times

I have a bag of oranges + a bag of potatoes which should = two more nights of crazy cooking kitchen fun!


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