No More Cavities


After a horrible day at the dentist office, it would be great if I never had to say AHHH again.  The older I get, the bigger of a baby I am becoming about going to the dentist.  It’s really starting to stink!

I’ve got dental health on my mind and found an interesting page with natural dental care tips and what dietary adjustments you can make to keep cavities away.

Natural Tooth Cure for Curing Cavities and Preventing Root Canals

tn48 All Natural Me wants to know – What’s your dental routine?

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  1. I am way past due for a visit but I keep putting it off. I hate the dentist so much. Always the fear of needing some work done.

    I guess it’s time though. Or maybe i will just cut out sugar and hope!

  2. I haven’t been to the dentist in a LONG time either! But, I did have a very happy visit when I took my oldest, who was 4 at the time: they only get water or raw milk to drink (except for trips to Grandma’s & special occasions here when they get juice) as a rule, and we brush their teeth with Tom’s of Maine for kids. I’ll admit, I’m slack and so often they only get their teeth brushed once a day. Anyway, I was quite pleased by the great “results” from the trip. All of his teeth were in great shape, nice and healthy, and all that. The dentist was very impressed by how good he looked!!!
    Thank you Weston Price!!

  3. My 3 children and I have been raw foodies for 8 yrs and haven’t used flouride in that long either and NONE of my kids have EVER had a cavity! I haven’t had one since I learned the truth about health and went for it! As a kid, I had them all the time though!
    Very cool to post this info!

  4. I would really love to see a follow up piece to this one to help people find raw milk and free-range egg resources in their area, if you haven’t ever done a post like that!

    My last trip to the dentist, I tried to talk to them about removing old fillings and they wouldn’t do it just because I wanted them to. But they sure did want to “explore” some sticky pockets I had and put some new fillings in those! I’ve been really sticking to the dietary needs of my body and I’m feeling so much better.

    Thanks for sharing this information!

    1. Cassandra,
      Check out ~ This will help you find locally grown food in your area. It’s where I found the farmer’s that we get all of our meat from. A truly wonderful source!
      A caveat though: raw milk is illegal to sell in most of the states in the US. We are able to get raw milk because we own part of the herd; meaning we don’t buy the milk, we just collect our portion each week. So, finding raw milk directly from someone with a cow can be tricky and is usually very hush-hush (we’d gotten from another farmer once before and that was the way it was). BUT you also want to make sure that you can & do see the cows, see how they’re raised, and most certainly educate yourself about the entire milking process so that you’ll know that whomever you’re getting milk from is raising their cows right, doesn’t have big problems with stuff like mastitis, and is (most importantly) storing the milk properly so that it remains safe. For more milk info, check out

  5. I haven’t been to the dentist in awhile either, and I definitely need to! lol But of course, I don’t have dental insurance or enough money to pay for it. As for my routine, I use Tom’s Natural toothpaste, and because I can’t go to the dentist right now I’ve been rinsing with Listerine because it’s making me nervous. lol

  6. In fact getting the cavities in the in your mouth is really a hell and very distracting the other person from near but i can stopped by regular use of good quality of paste and tooth powder for brushing and proper guidelines of doctors.

  7. I think for cavities in between the teeth there is no specific time to grow but when man starts eating the grains from that time it begins for refraining from such teeth disease should be visited regular to the doctors. hearty thanks for beautiful post.

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