No Plastics Pledge

Americans generate 10.5 million tons of plastic waste a year but recycle only 1 or 2 % of it. Yeah, we totally suck and so do plastics. Take a pledge to go plastic free to not use or purchase any new plastics for whatever amount of time you can commit to.


All Natural Me was only #721 so let’s spread the word about this pledge!

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What a great idea to get folks a little more conscious of their plastic use and consumption. I say consumption because every time we eat or drink something stored in plastic – You betcha, we are ingesting small amounts of chemicals found in plastics. wonders: How much plastic are you eating?

2 Replies to “No Plastics Pledge”

  1. Here in Australia many neighborhood shops in towns are going “plastic-free”.

    There is also some discussion about adding a surcharge for people who use plastic, but it hasn’t happened as yet. The goverment can’t seem to reach a consensus, and retailers are hesitant to levy their own charges becasue they don’t want to alienate their customers, who (sadly) prefer free plastic bags over paying for reusable “green bags” 🙁

  2. We signed it! 🙂 We’re #2628 – so, woohoo!!! A lot more people are signing on! We’ve been bringing our own bags and trying to limit the amount of plastic we use at home as well. We recently got the kiddos some little SIGG bottles to take place of the crappy plastic ones – they are lovin’ them!! We also had reusable bags as a topic at our Big Lick-Green Drinks meetup last month!
    Have any of y’all checked out – I’m completely in love with their site!! They offer so many reusable items and for a fairly decent price too!

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