Note to self: Stand Up Straight Sadie Lady

Well, it’s happened again. Another photographical reminder for me to work on my posture. Oh my goodness – Stand up straight lady!!!


You see, you just never know when someone’s snappin’ pics! Be prepared.


Clearly, Sadie Lady needs to roll those shoulders back. Come on girl – Tits out, crown high, stand tall, what’s up!!

And here’s the reason for my tough self love – I just reminded myself of this last week when I caught some pictures my little one snapped of me (yes, when she shouldn’t have been playing with mama’s phone) as I was HUNCHING in the kitchen!


Horrible posture Hunch back lady!

And standing in front of the running microwave too!? Extra horrible.

Looking at this picture, I like to console myself by thinking I was hovering over a bowl of cereal. Umm, yeah there’s a pretty good chance my round shouldered posture was food related. Yep, I was probably even growling too as I shoveled it in. Yes. Hunching over the kill.


Okay yes, I’m going to bet a food excuse could definitely be going on here since the microwave is done but I’m still there – switched legs a bit but clearly still in a position to be devouring food. It’s either that or i was just spacing out hard in a trance stare…hunching.

Ha! Well, I got myself out of that one – but there’s NO excuse for this!!! Even my kid is hunching!


Oh Sadie…


Sit up straight lady!!!

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