Suggestions for Your Body Odor


Disclaimer: I am sharing some of my herbal remedy notes with you – these are just ideas to get you started in your research! I am a good looking human being with a fantastic sense of humor, but I am not a doctor. Copy and paste the name of the suggestion and Google to find out more information!

Here are your suggestions for body odor:

– Arnica cream: use once a week to kill bacteria

– Parsley: eat and drink or take 500 mg a day

– Herbal deodorant recipe:

1 ounce witch hazel
1 ounce sage tincture

In a spray bottle add your liquids +20 drops of your choice of aromatherapy essential oils such as – Bergamont, Rosewood, Lavender, Sandalwood, Teatree, or Rosemary.



d.i.y.friday ~ Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

Everyone usually preps their feet for summer [aka heavy duty exfoliation day]
And know it’s time to do an end of the season de-callousing!

Thank you feet for running us around for all this summer fun,
plowing along through hours of yard work, and putting in your time
being smothered in chlorine water. Prepare to be pampered!!

But let’s not stop at tootsies!!

Elbows, knees, thighs, booties & backs love a good sugar scrub too!
[just be cautious on your pretty face though if you have sensitive skin]


d.i.y.friday ~ Make Perfume with Fresh Flowers 

Flashback to the scented days of the Peony flowers!

Every year I wish the blooms would last forever,
so this season, I decided to start a long-term project
of making perfume from the blossoms.

It literally could take years, but—

Totally worth it. Totally fun.

And here’s the DIY video that inspired me!
Wouldn’t it be nice to live in Hawaii
where beautiful flowers grow year-round!!

This guy’s got it made –
I’d love to get a whiff of this homemade perfume!!


Happy Birthday Ayden!! (14!!) 

We’ve all had a fabulous time celebrating
14 times around the sun with Ayden!!

Happy birthday honey bear!!

Ayden’s teenager birthday requests were:
-to sleep in without being woke up
-to have a double double double
batch of gluten free shells & cheese for lunch
-and to spend time with his family swimming 

Well – done, done, and done. 

Now let’s eat some cake*!!

* gluten-free, sweetened with maple syrup, full of love!! 

Happy DIY Friday!! 

I’ve been stitching my heart out all day
on my new Singer One
(thanks Dreg!!)
Making the cutest little zippered
big mouth pouches, that I’d be happy to
show ‘n tell a few pics below! 

But what I really want to invite you
to look at are all the tweets
I just retweeted on Twitter!

My profile is @allnaturalme
(of course),
and there should be a link on top of my blog
to take you there (probably)

Yippee Twitter!
I’d love for you to hook up with me there!!
It’s NOT Facebook lol 

Finding fabric to match zippers…

My version of Pokemon Go 🙂 

Have a great diy weekend!!! 

Zippers are my new thing! 

Motherwort my muthertrucking fave herb 

Although I try to stay in a state of bliss,
appreciation and gratitude –
23% of my time is actually
spent in bitchmode.

Yeah, that’s a real thing.  

So, motherwort is an herbal ally
for anxiety, overwhelmed feelings,
frazzled nerves and a heart remedy. 

Also good for muscle spasm and cramps. 

And even, other things:

To make a tincture,
you cut off the flowering tops,
plop them into hundred proof vodka,
and let it sit for six weeks.

You just need a dropper full of this remedy
in water to usually do the trick! 

Invite this plant into your yard or,
for crying out loud,
just buy some of the tincture online. 

Yep, I’m presently hanging out in the 23% 

It all started with a pack of butt wipes 

Inspiration can come from anywhere!

Awhile back, I was sitting on my throne, and I looked down at the newly label baby wipes from Aldi’s. 

I was kind of pondering why they changed their packaging and I realized that this new look was totally more fresh, and – I started appreciating how well the teal color complimented the limegreen. 

And then I jokingly thought, why don’t I just refresh the bathroom to match the new butt wipes lol 

Haha, yep. I laughed but That’s exactly what I’m doing. 

The walls are already white – so it’s really been a matter of eliminating the red curtains, the red soap dish – red towels and upping the blue and greens. 

I confess, I even swapped out the red bucket that usually lives in here and replaced it with a blue bucket. 

I’m in this bathroom so much – I might as well have an object to appreciate.

Super glad I went with a painting done by a human being other then a print of one. 

Thank you pack of butt wipes for being so inspiring!