d.i.y.friday ~ Print Clothes with Flowers

With this weekend being the annual Herb and Fiber Arts Festival
at the Sawmill in Cooks Forest, Pennsylvania
How could I not do a herby earthy flowery diy to go along with my excitement!!

Seriously, I’m excited.
Like, I am actually looking forward to waking up tomorrow,
Putting on my herbal game face, and scouting for botanical treasures!

I’m looking for a few things like:
something new that I haven’t grown before,
and something that when I smell it, my entire body tingles,
and then probably some thyme because I love it so.
And maybe mugwort, because I can’t identify it in the wild – yet.
And some purple basil. To make the best ever salad vinegar.
And then maybe something special for the bees & me,
like bee balm. or echinacea. or lavender. or anise hyssop.

So you see, I’m not looking for that much this year πŸ˜‰

I read the other day that there are over 35,000 edible plants in the world.


Did you know you can toss some of your peony petals in your next salad?
(with the purple basil vinegar – yum yum)

Yes! They are edible!!
I should know – I just googled it.

And they might also work for this week’s crafty diy
of using them to print fabric as a natural clothing dye.

Happy Do-it-Yourself-ing!!


Now please enjoy some gorgeous photos
I snapped this week of the fantastically beautiful,
deliciously smelling,
and according to Google, edible peony.

CedarCide Natural Bug Repellent Product Review

Recently, I was asked by Cedarcide (a family owned business in Texas)
to try out one of their Cedar oil bug repellent sprays.

I said sure! Β I’ve always loved the smell of cedarwood –
makes me think of the cedar box that was given to everyone in my graduating class (you too?)

Anyways, I wasn’t actually expecting any wow moment with this product because
I have had essential oil of Cedarwood in my aromatherapy cabinet for years.

HOWEVER. I seriously could not believe the potency of this product! Β 
It is the most intense amount of Cedarwood ever –
no wonder it is for not only repelling but killing the bugs as well.

All natural and safe for kids and pets – Awesome!!!

I have sprayed this on the dog, on the kids, on myself, on the couch and –
they totally do not advertise this as a product use,
but I have fallen in love with it for it’s ability to
eliminate stinky odors in the garbage can and everyone’s stank shoes!

I really have become quite fond of this product!!

Be sure to visit their website Cedarcide.com for more Cedarwood oil based products!

At Home Barre Exercises BFF Recommended

Another great thing about my birthday –


Yes, I am still talking endlessly about that day –

I got to chat it up with my long-dis BFF Liz πŸ™‚ and she was RAVING about the exercise class she’s been going to that’s done wonders for her ahhh… Her ummm… Body part that rhymes with class???

Ding ding ding!!!
That’s right!!
Her ass!!

So in a nutshell – tiny movements equals big results!!

I like πŸ™‚

Try this video & see!

Birthday 38 Awesomeness

Whoa my goodness!!! 

The awesomeness of my sweet mama friends was over the top on May 4th, 2016

Like, WOW!!! 

Like, this is going down in the Sadie history books for sure!! 

First off, Mama Burkett launched me into birthday land on her way to work at 9 am sharp with a Gerbera daisy, herbal tea, a spice blend, and a garden themed wreath that would make Martha Stewart envious. 

So stinking cute huh!!??

I got to give her a quick hug before she rushed her clever-ass off to work!  I wish she could’ve stayed all day, even just as invisible fly on the wall, to hear me show ‘n tell (aka brag my face off) about the wreath all day!! 

My sweet little family had gifts on the table for me like an aromatherapy diffuser, a spiralizer, a handmade heart magnet from Marlie & Elaine made me mini bite-size pancakes along with a birthday card that made me cry it was so sweet!!! I even got a bazillion dollar pineapple from Dreg.


I am so proud of my girls for initiating so many family traditions we have. Honestly I love doing their birthdays so much but I might be inclined to slack on mine!! LOL but they would not let me!

I really got excited the night before, when they showed me the birthday signs they taped on the door – just like I do for them on their birthdays! So sweet ~

Now. My son! Did not. Make me. a bday card.
However, later in the day, with some threateningly sweet nudges from his mother (OK, I demanded that he make me birthday card or else) He surprised me with a sweet scavenger hunt to my birthday card πŸ™‚ and, it was pretty darn cool. 

My next super special visitor on my birthday was my BFF neighbor Lorraine!  

This girl and I always like to talk about recipes and cookbooks so about a month ago, when I expressed my love and adoration for a certain cookbook that I rented from the library…

Lorraine knew it would be the perfect gift for me! And it was!!

Although absolutely, 100% for certain – our friendship is the best gift of all, ever. 

We are family. 

But this cookbook really floats my boat too lol πŸ™‚

So then after all that, my mama friend Melinda stopped by with some long promised birthday hair clips!! 

And she was right, I am completely in love with them & will never live without!! 

Melinda is such a sweetheart, she also brought me a birthday balloon and a really neat galvanized steel drink dispenser!! 

All it needs is some summer weather to go along with it!! 

THEN, are you getting jealous yet? Lol

Then, my bestie down the street, Alison came by!!! And with her little guy holding a little potted hens & chicks!! So cute! 

I told her all about my day and we laughed at how perfectly timed and orchestrated my visitors had been – The birthday momentum kept steady! 

I seriously had no idea what could be in that pretty gift bag – but when I opened it, I was floored at the perfectness of the gift. 

I could instantly hear in my head the numbers of times she had said that I needed one of these!!

A Veggettii!!!!!! 

As seen on TV!! 

And, she brought me the perfect size Zucchinis to go with it!!! 

Omg, so fun. 

The gifts, the friends, the family, the entire day – all – so – fun. 

And it didn’t stop there!  I had no sooner loaded the dishwasher and tried to sneak a bday nap on the couch when my mom arrived with some highly prized local maple syrup and a cash gift that is none of your business πŸ™‚ lol πŸ™‚ so the kids and I piled in her car to drive down to the rural mailboxes (that all of us Coolspringers hate) to see what birthday cards awaited me.

A whole bunch from my Cherico Aunts was waiting there!  They are all so sweet for thinking of me β€“ but for the record, I must say that Aunt Jan is the #1 sweetest because she still slips money into my card!!!  Hahaha, she wins!! 

And GG too ~ Grandma Doris also knows how to put together a proper birthday card!! $$$$$

And finally – – – all that was left to do, was to make my birthday dinner of Thai chili chicken meatballs from my new cookbook, clean up, make porkchops for the kids, clean up, and then make birthday brownies at 8 o’clock. Oh, and then, clean up some more. 

Yep. I almost even had myself a birthday tantrum by that point! 

But, I’m 38 now, and so much more classy, so my day ended fairly quiet – unlike that one birthday that ended with me getting slightly tipsy and hula hooping under the moonlight with my anger. 

But that’s another story!

100+ ideas for DiY Friday

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Lawn. Mowed.Β 

You may think this stuff gets easier the third time you do it – but mowing the lawn tonight was the hardest yet!!

And I didn’t even really know if it needed done or not – Oooooooooo, it did.

Well it’s done & it zapped me for sure!!! It really makes me want to put in more garden beds so there is less lawn that needs push mowed.

I also attempted to weed whack tonight…. Ummmm, bwahahaha!! There is definitely an art to that that I have not yet mastered. At all. lol

Calling it a day!!