Oracle card reading May 31, 2017


Release the need to try to bring others into your vision. Trust yourself and be willing to do the work needed at this time. Your inspiration is positive. Creativity, finances, and love are flowing just before you. 

The frequency of fertility invites us to be more open, more courageous, more creative, and more joyful than we were before. 

It activates the potential for something beautiful to grow from our consciousness into a new and grander expression of ourselves. 

There is a pressing need for your mindfulness of your actions, words, and even your thoughts. Watch where you step, for a slip up could have lasting an irritating consequences. 

And affirmation to say to yourself if you are feeling vulnerable: “I am powerful, safe, and secure. All is well.”

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Much love! Sadie

Oracle card reading May 30, 2017

Angel Matrix

You deserve to feel good about your existence. Feel good about your life. 

Clear your sacral chakra and when the energy is in balance, you will feel friendly, compassionate, and empathetic with a concern for others. You will experience a very strong sense of belonging. 

The frequency of empowerment supports our ability to show up fully and completely, uniting us with others in the deep trust that we are all connected through the same source. 

Remember your spiritual journey of Ascension. Remember yourself as a being of light for empowerment. Courage burns bright through your determination. 

Devotion is key here. 

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Much love! Sadie

Oracle card reading May 29, 2017


Compassion for others is a natural result of being aware and conscious of your own feelings. 

Spend more time looking at what is good and positive and someone rather than what you judge as negative or bad. 

Give freely and from your heart. 

The frequency of emergence invites us to approach our reality with a child like attitude of innocence and wonderment, and to watch and celebrate the beauty that unfolds from that place. 

Move into your true self. Rise above the darkness – the light is here. 

Say to yourself: I am harmony through conflict with purity. 

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 Much love! Sadie

Oracle card reading May 26, 2017

Karma Releasing

You do not need to strive or be driven by spiritual ambition. Allowing is the key here. 

Frequency of earth activates our deep connection to this physical plane by showing us the beauty of all the aspects of our great mother and revealing the more ethereal, spiritual aspects of our nature. 

Move beyond drama. Create your own path. Make room for good energy. Visualize yourself surrounded by fiery violet cloak to release all the karma you no longer need. 

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Much love! Sadie

Suggestions for Your Burn Out Exhaustion


Disclaimer: I am sharing some of my herbal remedy notes with you – these are just ideas to get you started in your research! I am a good looking human being with a fantastic sense of humor, but I am not a doctor. Copy and paste the name of the suggestion and Google to find out more information!

Here are your suggestions for burnout exhaustion:

– Asian Ginseng: 75 to 150 mg 2X day it’s an adaptogen, toning, and strengthening

– Schisandra: 400 to 600 mg 3 to 4 times a day it is an adaptogen, good for athletic performance, flashes bloodstream, helps process blood sugar. Reduce dosage when out of stress crisis.

– Ashwaganda: take one 400 to 600 mg capsule 3 to 4 times a day. It’s an adaptogen, helps return you back to normal. reduce dosage once out of stress crisis

– Turmeric: 400 to 600 mg 3X day great antioxidant

– Oats or Passion flowers: drink a cup before bedtime, oats have antidepressant properties and restore the nerve endings that frayed in the body and brain, passionflower also restores central nervous system

– Aromatherapy oil burn out blend:
Five drops geranium oil
Five drops bay Laurel oil
10 drops lavender
Combine oils in a bottle, shake, use a few drops on a tissue or cotton ball and inhale, use for only two weeks.


Oracle card reading May 25, 2017 


Acknowledge the oneness of all life. 

Recognize that you are part of something larger. You are connected with the divine and the universe. 

The frequency of dynamic supports our ability to harmonize between layers and aspects of different origin and frequency. 

It helps us to put together a reality that is made up of many different elements – both familiar and completely new – with ease grace and great joy.  

Confidence as well as the unity of purpose and control are desirable. 

Get back to basics – it’s time to lighten your load and simplify your life. 

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Much love! Sadie

Oracle card reading May 23, 2017 

Divine Masculine
Open Heart

No matter what you’re longing to do or become, you will benefit from gaining more knowledge. Approach this time with great curiosity and an open mind!

The frequency of divine masculine supports our strong, focused, and active side, allowing it to express itself while helping us to bring our dreams and ideas into form with kindness and wisdom. 

Allow your emotions to flow through you, and cultivate compassion for others. Work to open your heart like a rose opens to the sun – one petal at a time.  

You will unlock a great source of power and inner knowing. Ask Rose to guide you toward love, spirituality, friendship, and joy. 

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Much love! Sadie 

Oracle card reading May 22, 2017

Divine Feminine

You are entering a period of your life where you are required to emerge into the next stage of maturity. 

The frequency of Divine feminine supports are receptive, nurturing, and soft side, allowing it to express itself openly and helping us to connect our intrinsic understanding of our connection to all of creation. 

Burdock root ask you to let go of anything emotionally or physically toxic. 

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Much love! Sadie

Oracle card reading May 19, 2017

Shadow Side

Work with Ganesha to create a sense of feeling rooted in order to lift away any unhappiness you might be feeling. 

Focus your attention on the color red and allow yourself to feel joy, energy and creativity coming back into your life. 

The frequency of discernment supports our ability to view the world and the people around us from a place of inner balance and attachment yet with compassion and wisdom. 

Red Root invites us to connect and heal our shadow side. Your journey into the darkness now will illuminate the path ahead. 

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Much love!! Sadie 

Oracle card reading May 17, 2017

Inner Child

With crystal clear focus – send energy to that what you want to manifest. 

The frequency of the light supports our capacity to create an experience feelings of intense joy and happiness. 

The more the light we feel, the more the light we evoke and others. 

Nurture your inner child. 

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Much love! Sadie

Oracle card reading May 16, 2017

Cosmic Flower

The new moon comes through with a promise that all your requests can be filled as soon as you align your will, with the will of spirit, and then make your focused intentions. 

The frequency of the cosmic flower activates our remembrance of the place we call home – the core from which we pour our magnificence out into the world. 

Mugwort reminds us to honor the cycles in our life and in nature. Pay attention to your dreams at this time and go with the energy of Mugwort that is a spiral moving to ever higher octaves, yet still honoring periods of decline. 

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Much love! Sadie

Oracle card reading May 15, 2017


Connect with stillness. 

Know that you always have access to that quiet space inside of you. 

The frequency of consciousness supports our ability to focus our attention on all the multidimensional aspects that show up, so that we can include them in our reality. 

Let go of cherished outcomes, stay with the process, and do not take yourself too seriously at this time. 

Stay centered in your daily life and focus on the present moment whenever possible. 

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Much love! Sadie