Oracle card reading May 11, 2017


Purify your mind, body, and spirit. 

The frequency of compassion supports our ability to stand by others without judgment and be the divine mediator between heaven and earth, spirit and matter, so that unconditional love can flow from Source through the heart and into the world. 

Allow your inner light to shine so bright that it blinds the vibrational vision of any negative energy. 

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Much love!!! Sadie 

Oracle card reading May 10, 2017


Amethyst quartz crystals are used for magic, healing, and intensifying psychic capabilities.  They help focus the power of our life force or spirit. 

It is time to bring complete focus to the subject of your inquiry and eliminate all distractions. 

Be being focused with crystal clarity, you’re in the flow of your life force and, in fact, have become one with it. 

The frequency of communication supports our ability to exchange information in many different forms. It reminds us to run every piece of information – both incoming and outgoing – through our heart, the center of our truth, to stay in the flow of Source and balance exchange.   

Now is the time to heal your feminine side. Allow yourself to feel the darkness and the initiation of the dark night of the soul. 

Hang in there! The universe loves you!!

When we complete the healing process of our pain, we can then move into health, creativity, purity, and light. 

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Much love!!  Sadie 

Oracle card reading May 3, 2017

Shape Shifting Strength
Higher Self

Be like the clouds, and try out different forms, becoming the person you want to be. 

Put your shoulders back, ground into the earth, and feel the strength of your being. Become unshakable. 

The frequency of coherence supports our ability to harmonize the frequency of the heart with the frequency of the mind for an optimal ability to create the reality that we desire. 

Connect with your higher self and spirit guides and be open to any messages you receive through intuition, dreams, or synchronicities. 

You are a magical being. Please let go of the past. Recognize any toxic patterns subconsciously running your life and break away from them and be strong. 

Perseverance is needed. You are a spiritual warrior. Nourish your blood and you revitalize your whole body. 

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Much love! Sadie 

Oracle card reading May 2, 2017


Communion with nature is essential for you now. Take some time to do an open-eyed meditation with any nearby animal or plant. 

The frequency of change supports our ability to gracefully dance with the forever changing nature of reality – both in word and outward – so that we can appreciate the sweet release of the old and the birth of the new. 

When Vitex appears, you may experience a surge of energy that requires a greater level of self-control. The situation calls for discipline and self mastery. 

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Much love! Sadie

Oracle card reading May 1, 2017 


Allow music, creativity, and harmony to flow through you.  Connect with the energy of everything going well. Exhale, and release the energy of sweet harmony into the world. 

The frequency of belief supports our sense of self-worth based on our gifts and talents, and a strong connection to Source. 

Get in touch with your most vital goals, be firm with your actions, but do not attempt to push the natural order of events. Have patience. Be reminded of your own strength of spirit. 

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Much love! Sadie replay  

Oracle card reading April 28, 2017


Go inward and find a quiet, still place inside of you as well as find a sanctuary in the natural world to allow yourself to feel the presence of the Creator. 

The frequency of authority reminds us that true authority is powerful, directed, and realized yet receptive, wise, and loving. 

Cedar tells us that now is the time to retreat into your private world and bring ritual into your daily life. Set your intentions and ask your guides to help you manifest your hearts desire.

Radiate love as you pray and stay present in your heart. This will protect you from all unwanted influences and guide you toward your best destiny. 

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Much love! Sadie replay 

Oracle card reading April 27, 2017


Finding our innocence once again,
we become aware that it was never lost
– just forgotten. 

You are truly a child of God,
so allow yourself to be that. 

The frequency of allowance invites us to be open to whatever comes our way – without judgment, without opinion, without fear, and without resistance.

When we allow, the universe becomes our partner in the wondrous dance of existence and expansion. 

Aloe provides a valuable lesson in resourcefulness. Use what is available to you. 

Be conservative and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. There are experiences we need for soul growth in that which we consider positive and negative. 

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Much love! Sadie replay


Oracle card reading April 26, 2017


Although you may see yourself as using your power for good, do not allow yourself to get caught up in the duality of good or bad in determining your decision or actions.

The frequency of alchemy activates our magical ability in remembrance of the magic that we all hold inside. 

Each one of us has a potential access the ancient knowledge that allowed the true alchemist to perform the miracles of transmutation. 

Balance the masculine and feminine within you. Trust your instincts. Call in the light, align yourself to your highest path, and enjoy the illumination that follows. 

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Much love! Sadie replay 

Oracle card reading April 25, 2017

Vision Quest

It is time for you to go on a VisionQuest. 

Designate a place in nature in which to dwell, and spend the majority of your time praying and meditating. 

Allow yourself to receive answers and guidance. 

Make time to get out of your mind on a regular basis to expand your awareness. 

Use the Violet flame of transmutation to burn away all negativity and transmuted it into light. 

Take care to protect yourself and your creations. Heal past traumas that still affect your life. Beware of parasitic people that feed off your energy. Follow your intuition at this time. 

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Much love! Sadie replay 

Oracle card reading April 24, 2017


Now is the time for action. 

Engage in some activity and be fully present so that you forget about your surroundings and enter into that timeless and multidimensional experience of union with the focus of your creative attention. 

Ask the universe to bring to your awareness a thought, feeling, or image that would serve you right now, in this moment. 

Now is the time to temper your strength with ease and your steadfastness with fluidity. 

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Much Love! Sadie reply