Saving Crayons Headed for a Landfill

Happy Labor Day Friend!

Recycling crayons can be a true labor of love. This labor day weekend I’ve dove into the incredible task of sorting a huge amount of donated crayons which starts the eco-process of saving crayons that could have been mindlessly trashed.

With just the donations received from a handful of teachers, I have more than enough wax sticks to keep a girl busy. I can’t even fathom the amount of crayons that elementary schools pitch every year. If you are looking to green your school, think about organizing a crayon drive to collect unwanted crayons and then either craft with them or send them to the National Crayon Recycling Program. It would also be a good idea to set up collection boxes at restaurants that give kids little packs of crayons before their meals. Tons of crayons could be saved and recycled.

The process of recycling crayons takes multiple steps which include sorting, soaking, peeling labels, melting, pouring, molding and hopefully finding new homes for them. We list our crayon creations in the All Natural Me Etsy Shop.

It will be fun to create the upcoming Halloween ones… if I survive the sorting – soaking – peeling part.

crayons3.JPG crayons2.JPG crayons4.JPG

News from the All Natural Me Blog includes talking lots of crap!

Between the recent posts Keep Food and Poop out of Landfills, Reusable Cloth Toilet Paper and Butt Wiping Fun at the ANM Etsy Shop, you could say chatting about number twos has been quite popular this week. No one gets any privacy this week. Join the fun at

If the poo talk doesn’t bring you in, we’ve also been talking about the film Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, reusable snot rags, vaccine induced autism, chemical air fresheners, line drying clothes and soybeans with nipples.

Something for everyone 🙂

See you soon!

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Butt Wiping Fun at The ANM Etsy Shop


Thanks to our friend Pam Freer, your choices for reusable cloth toilet paper have now expanded to include a round variety in fun flannel prints for your wiping needs.  Up until this point, we’ve been totally square at the All Natural Me Etsy Shop.

Sometimes fun and cute (and if we’re lucky funny) is the best way to introduce a new concept to someone.  And choosing reusable family wipes is certainly a new one for most households.   Spread the word and see how many people you can inspire!  Choosing cloth is a small step we can all take.

Alright – alright.  I’ll quit talking crap.

Oh – Ha – ha!

Keep Poop and Food Out of Landfills


The baby pooped four times today. Big ones. The poop didn’t go into the garbage, it got flushed down the toilet to go where the poop should go, unless, you are an Eco-Saint and do the Humanure thing. Then the cloth diaper got washed to be ready for tomorrow’s rounds.

Landfills are so stinky and gross and two easy things to keep out of them are human waste and food.

Food is an easy one if you try to compost everything that you can. People who are new to composting are always impressed with how much less garbage they have when they stop throwing food away. Add to that recycling everything you can and you’ll find you have very little waste indeed.

If every family, business and restaurant could get with this simple program of composting food scraps, being responsible with their poop and recycling all recyclables, then our landfills would be much less burdened.

I believe there is hope.


Line Dry Clothes to Save The World

(or at least energy and money)


Line drying is so easy, even a kid can do it!

So why aren’t more people air drying their clothes? I’m not standing up for dryer users, but really, it is a lot easier to just shove the wet load into the dryer that’s right there and push a button then to take the time to walk it out to the line, hang it all up, hope you have enough clothes pins and pray it doesn’t rain, take it all down, walk it back, fold it and then put your most likely very STIFF clothes and towels away.

Personally, I love how eco-good it feels to hang clothes out on the line. It is a total green action filled with love and respect to Mama Earth… But honestly, the end result sometimes leaves me feeling like a new slogan for line drying should be:

Line Drying: Say Hello to Saving Energy and Say Goodbye to Soft Towels!

Damn scratchy towels. They can almost ruin all the good things that go along with line drying like the exercise you do get while you enter this laundry Zen-like state hanging clothes. Something inside you will enjoy it very much, I promise. And it’s a great green action to tap into the natural solar and wind drying options available in your backyard. Your clothes will get dry, you’ll save money and you’ll acquire a sense of appreciation for the laundering process that you totally miss out on when you choose to be lazy and push the dryer button. All the green goodness really does help you overlook some of the rough aspects of line drying.

Maybe I should ask the experts over at Project Laundry List about the damn towels. I’m sure there’s lots of natural options to soften up the scratchy things like maybe adding vinegar to the wash or an all natural fabric softener that works like magic and doesn’t cost as much as you’re saving from air drying.  Because that would be silly.

But this is All Natural Me – We don’t line dry to save money…

We line dry to save the world!

tn48.jpg All Natural Me Wants to Know – How do you dry?

Autism – To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

The Vaccination / Autism topic has been on the top of the list for many parents these days, especially with 1 in 150 kids being the latest statistic for children with autism spectrum disorders.  Actually, parents living naturally have always felt the need to address this issue.  Do vaccines coincide with their views and beliefs?  Vaccination is certainly a personal choice that every parent should research and decide what is best for their family.

This video was found on


Alternatives to Chemical Air Fresheners

Commercial air fresheners that are loaded with chemicals suck.

I’m going to skip picking a fight with you and assume that you already know all about the nasty chemicals like phthalates that are in them and DO NOT use them yourself. And of course it would be silly for me to even think of the possibility that you might have a gross country candle burning on your stove… you don’t, do you?

Actually, You are probably so very much an All Natural Me that you have loads of creative organic ways of keeping your home and car smelling so lovely that you don’t even need me to list my favorite all natural air fresheners but, I will anyways, just so you can forward this info along to your friends and family who haven’t quite gotten the hint to lay the F – off of the damn air fresheners and scented cleaning products!

My gawd people! (not you, your dumb friends) What the heck are you trying to cover up anyways? A dirty house, funky garbage, your husbands feet, the sixteen litter boxes? For those specific smells, I would recommend cleaning every once in a while, taking it outside, encouraging good hygiene and supplementing with zinc and downsizing. And for the love…

Don’t Offend Others With Second-Hand Chemicals!

stinkynose.jpg Next time your home smells like ka-ka-poo-poo, try these all natural ways to freshen the air:

1. Open your windows and get fresh air into your home. In with the new, out with the stinky.

2. Grow indoor plants and aromatic herbs to help clean the air and infuse good green smells.

3. Turn to your friends Mr. Baking Soda and Miss Vinegar. They are great for homemade cleaning recipes and, if you just leave some sitting out, they absorb odors. Yeah, no kidding.

4. Buy a couple extra bars of handmade soap and display them in a pretty dish until you need a new bar. It will naturally freshen your bathroom all the time. And it’s so Martha Stewart, who can resist?

5. Use essential oils diluted with water in a spray bottle as a natural air freshener to spritz a room back to lovely after someone leaves a stinker.

6. Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a clay stone to naturally scent an area and wear oils on yourself. You’ll be like a walking air freshener wherever you go.

7. Throw out your Apple Pie scented candle and BAKE a Freakin’ REAL Apple Pie!

8. And as a last resort, when your place really does smell like crap, burn a stick of all natural incense. Not the best thing you can do for air quality control but certain occasions may demand it. Even if you never light them up, incense cones & sticks do their part to infuse natural scents if you strategically place them around your home.

Like up in your stinky Aaaaa… ummm, attic.

Reusable Snot Rags

Well, if reusable is good enough for wiping one end, how about the other?

As an extension of Reusable Toilet Paper, maybe it’s also time to forgo the Kleenex tissues and start blowing the old honker into a cloth hanky. I have several handkerchiefs in my drawer designated for bandanna wearing, but after catching a nasty summer cold this week, they have been reassigned as snot rags.

Actually, everyone in the family started snotting around so I had to quickly create more cloth tissues re-purposed from a super soft cotton robe (thanks Grandpa Tony!). You can make your own reusable snot rags by basically sewing rectangles together. I sized mine so they would fit into an empty tissue box we decided to reuse. Just sew right sides together, leave a hole for turning right side out and then stitch that hole shut. Super easy. So simple that you may see some appearing in the All Natural Me Etsy Shop.


Summer Hook Up

Hey Friend!

It’s that time again for your monthly well wishes from All Natural Me dot com. Summer is flying by! We hope you are having a very chill time and enjoying your local farmers market that offers fresh locally grown produce. Mmmmm. I’m making myself hungry so I’ll make this quick!

Looking for a fun back to school gift? Grab some recycled crayons from the All Natural Me Etsy Shop for some creative coloring or put those kids to work with a children’s size Must Dust Mitt.  Hooray for chores!

The Blog has been kicking!
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* TOMS Shoes Wish List
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(Coming in December btw!)

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TOMS Shoes Wish List


Oh How I want, need, need, want a new pair of TOMS!

A few years ago, this kind lad emailed me about his shoe company. He wasn’t just selling ordinary shoes, these were the most generous shoes I had ever heard of. For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair of shoes were GIVEN to someone in need. He offered to send me a pair of TOMS Shoes and I greedily, I mean, graciously accepted his offer and quickly sent him an email – Send Shoes 🙂 Size 9

Hooray! Shoes for Sadie! Thank you Blake!

Well since then, I have wore these babies and wore them and wore them. Heck. I am still wearing them despite the fact that I have seriously wore them out! I need a new pair and I can’t decide which ones I want. I’m so stuck on my navy blues, that I almost want to order another pair of my babies because they match so many of my outfits but, I do feel like change is good.

You can help my indecision by voting on the four pairs that caught my eye. Or visit and tell me which ones are your favorite! I am definitely sticking with TOMS for my next shoe purchase. It feels so good to support a company that is helping people in need, the shoes are really comfy and I already have the tan line so I’m committed to TOMS.

So out of all the fabulous styles to choose from, here are my top 4 TOMS shoes to pick from: prod_202.jpgprod_147.jpgprod_141.jpg toms.JPG
Decisions! Decisions!

Wow – check out the ones with the pasty white legs! Those shoes have been worn and loved! The only thing that I would love maybe more than a pair of TOMS shoes, is a pair of TOMS Wrap Boots.

Ahhh…. the wish list continues….

Get More Out of Your Gas

Simple solution to saving at the pump is to just stay home, order all your needs online and quit going to places which you are probably spending money you shouldn’t be. Evaluate your necessary and UN-necessary trips. Then try to walk or bike more. Or screw what I’m saying and just incorporate these handy tips from Ideal Bite on how to take fewer trips to the gas pump:

“For starters, roll your windows down while driving around town to keep cool, but opt for A/C once the speedometer hits 45 mph. At higher speeds, your rolled-down car windows cause wind resistance and actually decrease efficiency. You can also improve gas mileage and keep loads of CO2 out of the air each year by keeping your tires properly inflated. Gonna stay put for more than 10 seconds? Turn off the engine – an idling car creates twice the emissions of a car in motion.”

Ugh. How I despise cars that idle for no good reason and what’s up with truckers leaving those big rigs idling all the time? And you pizza delivery boys! Turn that shit off while you mosey my pizza pie up to me, slowly make change and then don’t get a tip to sulk back to your ride. Maybe I would tip you if you quit spewing out emissions all over my driveway.

And another question along the lines of saving gas that I’m going to turn over to the world is, what are big families suppose to be driving these days? It’s seems as though families of 5 or more are getting screwed with their gas guzzling minivans. Any suggestions? This December, we officially transform into a familia of five and I’m thinking we are going to need more seating than the little VW offers us to squeeze in three car seats of our little ones.

tn48.jpg All Natural Me Wants to Know Your Idea of a Dream Car?