CD and DVD Recycling

Recycle your CDs and DVDs!

I think everybody has that drawer or stashed box somewhere – you know, the old cd collection. I was noticing last week how my cd tower only had empty jewel cases as the CDs had all made their way into binders. What to do with all the CDs and DVDs and the cases you do not want?


You can ship your stash (just make sure it’s all separated) to the CD Recycling Center and they will recycle all components of your unwanted CD collection. Cool huh?

Become a Supporter, send in your CDs, cases and even the paper. You can keep track of your recycling on their website and you’ll get to put your name on their map of supporters.

Ready to take the next step? Spread The Word!! Encourage your local school, library, and business owners to set up local CD/DVD collections so together we can have a huge and positive impact on our sweet Mama Earth!

CDs and DVDs are used everywhere and thrown away everyday. Let’s close the loop: reuse them, donate them, swap them with friends, buy used and if you don’t want them anymore, you’ve got to recycle.

We should be seeing collections like this everywhere:


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Kiss My Butt Soap


Well, I learned my lesson again for not buying handmade. I purchased some affordable mainstream all natural soap from the grocery store this week instead of visiting my local dealer at Talking Tree.

Hey, it was Sunday, Talking Tree was closed, I was getting stinky and the soap rang up to be less than two bucks. I saw no harm in buying the honey and olive oil bar. I like honey. I love olives. Okay!

From the instant I unwrapped the bar at home releasing the rank smell, I knew this was not going to live up to my usually suds. The smell was everywhere, which is usually what I love about buying new soap, that the lovely scent infuses the bathroom to mask the little boy pee smell that tends to linger at our house.

This Kiss My Butt soap, as it’s now referred to, was so offensive that a week later, I can’t believe I’m use to the smell now. Since it was my last two bucks, I’m even using up the stinky stuff, although, it does gross me out how slimy it gets especially because it’s brown! The brown slime drips all over the shower and the kids keep asking who pooped in the bathtub. Blah!

But I guess if the biggest thing I have to complain about is strangely scented slimy brown soap, I should just feel thankful that’s the worst thing going on.

So what kind of soap do you use?

Do you have a local dealer?

Global Warming Mind Maps


What a teaser with the cut off picture!

Don’t worry, you can see the rest of this picture plus ALL 10 Mind Maps here.

I stumbled up this fabulous website by Jane Genovese called that has these great Mind Maps and also a Free E-Book on global warming solutions.

Way to completely rock Jane!

I also heard about 51 Ways to Save the Earth by but I have to admit, I was sorta turned off by their first way which was using corn for fuel (Ethanol). Seems silly to waste food for gas when there’s a much better way like the french fry grease option. Without a doubt, I would absolutely do my part in eating more organic french fries for the sake of fuel production. Anyways, if anyone makes it past #11, let me know if the save the earth tips got any better.

Grand Opening of Etsy Shop

All Natural Me has an official presence on

Take a minute and check it out!

There’s really great stuff and, as a bonus,
I make really great faces in the pictures.


No doubt, Sadie definitely looks better as a cartoon comic.

Visit for upcycled tote bags, handmade envelopes, recycled crayons and other fabulously re-purposed items. Thanks so much!

We appreciate your support!

Honeybees Go on Strike


Guest comic by Mike Adams from


When I googled, What the hell is going on with the honeybees, I got lots of different insights to why so many honeybees are not producing honey and dying. Is it a virus, mites, pollution, pesticides or are they just feeling abused and have decided to go on strike?

I suppose if I was a little honeybee pollinating 130 different crops each year that the food industry depended on and was getting no thanks and only more and more genetically modified plants to pollinate, I’d bee pretty ticked off too.

But what really is this honeybee havoc all about – Does anyone know yet?

A few weeks ago, a young bee keeper posted a plea in our Myspace group to encourage people to take up bee keeping as a positive step for honeybee populations. And some members suggested planting bee-friendly flowers to support the bees that are still buzzing along. Excellent ideas, as I’m all for anything that encourages our bees to hang around and help pollinate our food supply… and allow us to have honey!


Unite for Human Rights


As the all natural me dot com blogger, I wanted to show some support for Bloggers Unite, a social awareness campaign which encourages bloggers to use their blog space to make the world a better place. Hey, we like that.  A lot.

Bloggers worldwide are blogging today to spread the word about human rights. Some popular topics will be human rights in China, illegal detentions at Guantanamo Bay, and the crisis in Darfur.

Visit for links to related petitions and how you can help.

You can also visit the Amnesty International human rights priorities page for more topics on human rights issues.  Please spread the word about causes that you feel are important.

SMARxT Disposal of Your Meds


Please don’t think All Natural Me is becoming a pill pusher. If you can get on without a prescription, hooray for you! Occasionally for me, certain circumstances demand conventional meds. Like a few months ago when my son got a hook worm in his arm, I felt the need to nuke his little body with some anti-parasitic medicine pronto! And last year when I had this reoccurring yeast infection, I finally said F – it, and went with the amazing, pop one pill prescription and then I was all done with the itchy coochie just like that. So quick and so simple, that I wondered to myself, why in the world had I suffered for a week trying to use that homeopathic crap?

Anyways, there’s always the chance that you may not end up using all your prescriptions and then need to dispose of them. Do not flush medicine down the toilet! Or the drain. The best way to get rid of it is the trash but first put the meds in a plastic bag, crush, add water to dissolve and then add kitty litter, sawdust or coffee grounds. This is to protect animals or children who may be rummaging in the trash. It also discourages your crack head neighbor from ingesting your left overs.

More info:

You Can Help End Food Crisis has a petition website. I’m on their email list and almost everyday, there’s something that you can sign your John Hancock to support – wolves, seals, elephants, politics, coffee farmers, trees, you name it. It can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Well, today’s petition was about something truly overwhelming.


Now we’re not talking how “starving” you are 20 minutes before dinner. We all say that, and none of us will ever even know what starvation feels like. Even on our hungriest days, we will never know painful hunger like people of impoverished nations know on a daily basis.

I have two simple things you can do today to help world hunger. One is to sign a political petition for a Farm Bill that is coming up and the other, if you are financially able, is to donate to the victims of the Cyclone Nargis who will be in desperate need of food until next harvest in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

Signing the Farm Bill Petition will tell Congress to take the money that they usually give to the huge farm corporations and instead, do our part to help end world hunger and use that money to help feed the hungry. Very good cause, especially if you are familiar with the huge Agro-monster Monsanto. Do the rich really need to get even richer while parts are the world are too poor to even afford their genetically modified Round-Up Ready Soybeans?

Congress needs to stop helping themselves, stop catering to big business and start listening to what the American people want.

After you sign the petition, if you would like to support the relief efforts for the 630,000 people in need of food and water in Myanmar, I suggest donating directly to World Food Programme or one of their supporting organizations, such as The Prem Rawat Foundation, which I highly recommend as a secure way to donate.

When I think back of all the different foods I have eaten, just today, I feel very blessed indeed.

Birthday Girl

Hey Friend!

Happy May to you! So far, this month has been huge as this years birthday officially took me out of my twenties. Now that I’ve hit the big 3-0, some people may expect me to finally grow up and stop wasting my time being fanatical about green issues and natural living.

Well, I assure you, that will never happen. I bet that even when I turn the big 9-0, I’ll still make the effort to point my cane in the air and shout “Buy organic or die!” to all my friends in grown-up diapers.

Keep eating organic and you may be around to find out for yourself!
Visit the blog this week for these fascinating posts:

* Burt’s Bees is 98% Natural and 2% Bleach
* Litter Break Down – How long does it take trash to decompose?
* What is Acupuncture?
* And a New Comic – Medication Side Effects

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Much love to you!

Sadie from
ps – Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I am truly surrounded by amazing people.

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Medication Side Effects


You’re either on them or will find yourself needing them one day.

Sometimes it seems like in order to fix what’s ailing you, you have to trade in one problem for an even bigger one, just so you don’t have to sneeze again.

Are the side effects worth it?

Burt’s Bees is 98% Natural


And 2% Bleach!

Isn’t one of the signs the world is coming to an end when Burt’s Bees sells out to Clorox?

I know this is sorta old news, but because I live under a rock without a television or any interest in current events, it’s pretty new to me.

What a drag. Even though it is a natural part of business evolution for a small company to grow big and then hand off the hard work to hit the jackpot, knowing that Burt’s Bees is now owned by a huge unethical corporate monster, will make it very hard to scrub up with the Garden Carrot Complexion Soap and pretty up with the… (wow. it just hit me.)

Oh no, the Lip Shimmer!!!

Ahh…. mourning the loss of you, my sweet Lip Shimmer. When I finish this tube, I’m so done with you. Guess it’s time to renew my moral contract and seek out the small guys again for my lip shimmering needs.

Handmade really is the way to go!