10 Natural Remedies to Soothe a Sunburn

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Summer fun is officially happening for us. I’m happy to report that I’ve done a great job with my Mama duty of keeping our little family sunburn free. There’s way more fun things for you to do than slathering on slimy Aloe Vera!!


10 Natural Remedies to Soothe a Sunburn

Sunburns can happen even if you *try* to follow all the rules:

Minimizing your sun exposure between the times of 10am and 3pm;
Applying sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher (and reapplying); and
Wearing protective clothing and sunglasses.

Perhaps you missed a spot with the sunscreen or just forgot all the rules for the afternoon and now YOUR SKIN IS ON FIRE!!

Try these soothing remedies:

1. To help cool down your skin; try using a compress saturated with cold water or soak in a cool bath.

2. Add a cup of white vinegar to your cool bath.

3. Take a baking soda bath.
Then air dry so the baking soda can dry on your skin.

4. Apply fresh Aloe Vera. Break open a leaf and squeeze the gel out or slice open and rub on skin. Be sure to remove any sharp edges.

5. Make a paste with corn starch and water and apply to sunburn.

6. Apply veggie slices. Raw cucumber or potato will bring relief.

7. Cover your sunburn with plain yogurt. Then take a cool shower.

8. Boil lettuce leaves in water. Strain, then let the liquid cool several hours in the refrigerator. Dip cotton balls into the liquid and gently press or stroke onto irritated skin.

9. Supplement with Vitamins C, E and Selenium.

10. Drink water and lots of it!

Have fun in the sun but remember skin cancer is the most prevalent of all cancers. (So protect yourself!) The damage starts young as most people experience 80% of their lifetime sun exposure by the age of 18!

A Note on Vitamin D

Is sunlight good for us? Yes, it helps us create Vitamin D!

How? Expose your hands, face & arms to direct sunlight for
10-20 minutes, 3 times a week.

Why do we need vitamin D?

* Essential for bone health
* May prevent & inhibit the growth of cancer cells
* Prevents osteoporosis & bone fractures
* Prevents tuberculosis
* Aids in autoimmune disorders (like Rheumatoid arthritis)
* Prevents central nervous system lesions (in Multiple Sclerosis)
* Helps heal psoriasis
* Enhances immune cell function
* Prevents seasonal depression

What foods contain Vitamin D?
Animal products: cod liver oil, cold water fatty fish, fortified milk & fortified soy milk, butter, egg yolks and lard. (yuck!)

tn48.jpg Want to know more about safe sunscreens?

Find out which ones actually provide protection at cosmeticdatabase.com

Tap That Glass

tappening.gifGlass, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic… There are lots of containers to drink it out of, but what kind of water are you drinking? This is more like a survey, but it you want to have a strong opinion as to what’s right and wrong, feel free. The crew at Tappening.com certainly does. They feel you are better off drinking straight from the tap as opposed to purchasing bottled water.

Personally, my checkbook is one with them.  And of course, I also like the idea of not using so many plastic bottles for environmental reasons. Like everyone, I’ve guzzled my share of bottled water. Presently, I drink a lot of tap water, usually filtered but I’m not always so good about that. If I tend to get lax on the filtering, I just try to remember the last water report that my township sent out. Not exactly purified.

Here are a few other things that caught my attention on Tappening:

  • Drinking tap water not only supports mental and physical health, but is easy on the planet. People who buy bottled water are doing harm to the environment and acting out of ignorance. (Way to be blunt fellas!)
  • Bottled water costs as much as $10 per gallon compared to less than a penny per gallon for tap waters.
  • Making bottles to meet Americans’ demand for bottled water required the equivalent of more than 17 million barrels of oil in 2006, enough fuel for more than 1 million United States cars for a year, and generated more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide.
  • If you choose to get your recommended eight glasses a day from bottled water, you could spend up to $1,400 dollars annually! The same amount of tap water would cost around 49 cents.

Check out Tappening.com – this tap water movement is growing quite big. You can even catch them hanging out on Myspace.  Did you find any info that struck a cord with you? And now, just for fun….

tn48.jpg All Natural Me wants to know –

What kind of water do you drink?

BPA Linked to Man Boobs

And Cancer!

But I’m not going to try to scare you away from plastic bottles with the Big C word, because hearing the word cancer doesn’t scare people anymore. Everyone’s like cancer? Psshhh. I’ve had that before.

Now man boobs… that’s scary. No one wants to have them OR see them.

Spread the word – we’ve got to start drinking out of plastic-free containers. You, me, the men, the kids and the babies who get the bottle all need to explore our healthier alternatives such as glass, lined aluminum or stainless steel.

If you must drink out of plastic, use BPA-free plastics. The safer number plastics are 1, 2 and 5.

So what is BPA?

Well, for us nerdy types, I’ve snagged the following info from our government friends.

BPA stands for Bisphenol A, a chemical produced in large quantities for use primarily in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.

Where is bisphenol A found?

Polycarbonate plastics are umm, everywhere: food and drink packaging, water and infant bottles, compact discs, impact-resistant safety equipment, and medical devices.

Epoxy resins are used as lacquers to coat metal products such as food cans, bottle tops, and water supply pipes. Some polymers used in dental sealants or composites contain bisphenol A-derived materials. In 2004, the estimated production of bisphenol A in the United States was approximately 2.3 billion pounds, (holy shit!) most of which was used in polycarbonate plastics and resins.

How does bisphenol A get in the body?

The primary source of exposure to bisphenol A for most people is through the diet. While air, dust, and water (including skin contact during bathing and swimming) are other possible sources of exposure, bisphenol A in food and beverages accounts for most daily human exposure. Bisphenol A can migrate into food from food and beverage containers with internal epoxy resin coatings and from consumer products such as polycarbonate tableware, food containers, water bottles, and baby bottles. The degree to which bisphenol A leaches from polycarbonate bottles into liquid may depend more on the temperature of the liquid or bottle, than the age of the container. Bisphenol A can also be found in breast milk.

What can I do to prevent exposure to bisphenol A?

If you are concerned, you can make personal choices to reduce exposure:

* Don’t microwave polycarbonate plastic food containers. Polycarbonate is strong and durable, but over time it may break down from over use at high temperatures.
* Polycarbonate containers that contain BPA usually have a #7 on the bottom
* Reduce your use of canned foods.
* When possible, opt for glass, porcelain or stainless steel containers, particularly for hot food or liquids.
* Use baby bottles that are BPA free.

tn48.jpg All Natural Me wants to know –

What kind of bottle and containers do you use?

The Real Issues of Global Warming




Just when Sadie thought there was hope,
that a strong eco-connection was going to be made…


Dreg shows his true colors.


Well, I guess he’s still better off than the folks who don’t even believe that global warming is real. Wow, can you imagine Sadie putting up with one of those idiots?





All Natural Me Etsy Shop

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School’s out! Whoo hoo –

Of course, now our neighborhood is overrun with noisy kids that are now annoying me instead of their poor teacher. Great.

Teachers, enjoy your break 🙂

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– Global Warming Mind Maps
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Tell Congress to Support Toy Safety

Lead is an unwelcome guest at play dates and here’s your chance to voice your concern and encourage congress to vote for the strongest consumer protection.

Why? Because Bush wants to water down our protection. Although we’ve learned that lead is all too common in our children’s toys, Bush opposes a requirement that manufacturers test all children’s products before they reach our shelves. He also opposes a public web site that would give you more timely information about unsafe products.

Tell Bush to quit being a douche bag!

Sign the petition here…

The petition will be sent to your Representative to say that you want the strongest testing for toys before they reach the market, higher fines for companies that have lead in their products and more consumer information.  Just so you know, the petition will not go to George W. about the douche bag thing.  But I’m pretty sure you can easily find a petition with that message or you can always start one 🙂

CD and DVD Recycling

Recycle your CDs and DVDs!

I think everybody has that drawer or stashed box somewhere – you know, the old cd collection. I was noticing last week how my cd tower only had empty jewel cases as the CDs had all made their way into binders. What to do with all the CDs and DVDs and the cases you do not want?


You can ship your stash (just make sure it’s all separated) to the CD Recycling Center and they will recycle all components of your unwanted CD collection. Cool huh?

Become a Supporter, send in your CDs, cases and even the paper. You can keep track of your recycling on their website and you’ll get to put your name on their map of supporters.

Ready to take the next step? Spread The Word!! Encourage your local school, library, and business owners to set up local CD/DVD collections so together we can have a huge and positive impact on our sweet Mama Earth!

CDs and DVDs are used everywhere and thrown away everyday. Let’s close the loop: reuse them, donate them, swap them with friends, buy used and if you don’t want them anymore, you’ve got to recycle.

We should be seeing collections like this everywhere:


Use the Share This link below to tell all your friends about cdrecyclingcenter.org

Kiss My Butt Soap


Well, I learned my lesson again for not buying handmade. I purchased some affordable mainstream all natural soap from the grocery store this week instead of visiting my local dealer at Talking Tree.

Hey, it was Sunday, Talking Tree was closed, I was getting stinky and the soap rang up to be less than two bucks. I saw no harm in buying the honey and olive oil bar. I like honey. I love olives. Okay!

From the instant I unwrapped the bar at home releasing the rank smell, I knew this was not going to live up to my usually suds. The smell was everywhere, which is usually what I love about buying new soap, that the lovely scent infuses the bathroom to mask the little boy pee smell that tends to linger at our house.

This Kiss My Butt soap, as it’s now referred to, was so offensive that a week later, I can’t believe I’m use to the smell now. Since it was my last two bucks, I’m even using up the stinky stuff, although, it does gross me out how slimy it gets especially because it’s brown! The brown slime drips all over the shower and the kids keep asking who pooped in the bathtub. Blah!

But I guess if the biggest thing I have to complain about is strangely scented slimy brown soap, I should just feel thankful that’s the worst thing going on.

So what kind of soap do you use?

Do you have a local dealer?

Global Warming Mind Maps


What a teaser with the cut off picture!

Don’t worry, you can see the rest of this picture plus ALL 10 Mind Maps here.

I stumbled up this fabulous website by Jane Genovese called live-the-solution.com that has these great Mind Maps and also a Free E-Book on global warming solutions.

Way to completely rock Jane!

I also heard about 51 Ways to Save the Earth by Time.com but I have to admit, I was sorta turned off by their first way which was using corn for fuel (Ethanol). Seems silly to waste food for gas when there’s a much better way like the french fry grease option. Without a doubt, I would absolutely do my part in eating more organic french fries for the sake of fuel production. Anyways, if anyone makes it past #11, let me know if the save the earth tips got any better.

Grand Opening of Etsy Shop

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No doubt, Sadie definitely looks better as a cartoon comic.

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Honeybees Go on Strike


Guest comic by Mike Adams from NaturalNews.com


When I googled, What the hell is going on with the honeybees, I got lots of different insights to why so many honeybees are not producing honey and dying. Is it a virus, mites, pollution, pesticides or are they just feeling abused and have decided to go on strike?

I suppose if I was a little honeybee pollinating 130 different crops each year that the food industry depended on and was getting no thanks and only more and more genetically modified plants to pollinate, I’d bee pretty ticked off too.

But what really is this honeybee havoc all about – Does anyone know yet?

A few weeks ago, a young bee keeper posted a plea in our Myspace group to encourage people to take up bee keeping as a positive step for honeybee populations. And some members suggested planting bee-friendly flowers to support the bees that are still buzzing along. Excellent ideas, as I’m all for anything that encourages our bees to hang around and help pollinate our food supply… and allow us to have honey!