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We have a great new thing going on in the All Natural Me dot com Blog.

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Ummm… April Fools!!

Ha ha. Well actually, I am only joking about the huge cash prizes – you know, we can give you green around here, but not that kind of green. But it’s not all a complete joke, as we do have lots of goodies lined up for the top commentator of the month.

It’s easy to participate – just comment on posts!

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Stop Junk Mail for Free

Reduce paper waste, save your time opening the junk and protect your ass from identity theft.

For free at ProQuo! It should be noted that during this eco-act of prevention, you will be asked to jump through a few hoops. Signing up is pretty quick and painless and you can even choose the option to “select all” and stop all the junk at once. BUT, yes there’s a BIG but, for some of them more action is required like printing off a form and mailing it in. Not all of them are like that but I was left with a dozen that need an extra step.

Do you think it’s worth it or not?

Of course it is. Don’t be mean, Be Green!

The no cost service also manages magazines sent to you, but here’s another strange thing, you can not only stop the companies from sending them to you (which is what I thought this website was about) but you can actually request to start receiving them!

What the hell is that all about?

Well it’s still not as strange as Earth Class Mail where you can purchase an online P.O. Box and have them open and scan your mail for you and then you read it online and never even have to touch the stuff.

If you are sick of the junk, more resources for stopping mail that you do not want can be found at Stop Junk Mail dot org.

Lights Off for Earth Hour

Get Ready to Switch Off Your Lights!!

Saturday, March 29 at 8pm is the official time for Earth Hour.

All you need to do is turn off your lights for an hour to collectively help save the world a whole butt load of energy. Yeah, think about the positive impact we could have on the climate if more people used less electricity. On that note, I should get up and turn off the hallway light.

Hooray! Save the Earth!

For at least an hour anyway… has all the background info if you are interested in hearing how this global movement started last year in Sydney, Australia as a way to inspire folks to take action on climate change.

Don’t worry if you’re city isn’t signed up for the official Earth Hour. You can still participate by yourself just by flicking off those lights. While I’m thinking of it, why not have a little “off time” every day?

When you are not using them, turn off lights, appliances and if you can handle it, even this darn computer!

Feng Shui Your Way to Good Fortune

The underlying premise of Feng Shui is that everything in your surroundings, down to the smallest detail of furnishing and decor can either further your goals in life or work against you.

By understanding the subtle currents of energy that flow through your body and through everything in the universe, you can arrange your living and working environments to help you reach your goals.


place a brass wind chime just inside the front door of your home or office. Choose a chime that resonates well with you, otherwise it will soon become an irritating source.

place books where you will see them as you enter the house. Leave room between the books and do not include books of a violent nature.

place your bed and your desk so that you can easily see the door. Avoid being in a direct line with the door.

eliminate as much clutter as possible. At the very least, remove all clutter from the room where you spend most of your time.

5. TO BRING MORE LOVE, COMPASSION, AND UNDERSTANDING TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP, place a statue of two dolphins in the far, right-hand corner of your bedroom.

place a mirror on the wall behind your stove, reflecting the burners. Keep it clean at all times.

place flowers in the bedroom, study, and kitchen.

move twenty-seven objects in your home, that have not been moved in the last year.

place yourself in the moonlight and breathe. Even if there is no moon, breathe… get the ch’i moving, and it will help you.

Live Well and Dream Huge!

Kathy Browning

A Craving for Veggie Meat

Chicken-less Chicken Strips


Sadie’s hungry.

Sadie’s so hungry she could eat a cow.  But, she doesn’t want to kill any beasts so she goes for the next best thing – vegetarian mock meats.

Dreg doesn’t get it at all.  But he will still partake in the eating festivities because really, who can say no to chicken-less chicken strips?  They are so tasty.


5 Steps to Stimulate Your Liver

Are you feeling Toxic? The signs of toxicity in your body may surprise you: headaches, fatigue, sluggish thinking, weight gain, poor digestion and muscle pain all indicate the need for detoxification.

Come on – let’s stimulate that liver!

Life is too short to feel like crap all the time.

The 5 steps to help stimulate and support your liver to move accumulated toxins out with the bile are Diet, Herbs, Nutrients, Exercise and Hydrotherapy.

#1 ~ Detox Diet: Let’s keep this easy, simple and enjoyable. Personally, I prefer to skip the weird hot sauce honey lemon juice concoctions and just clean up my choices. I have nothing against lemons, Red Hot or honey, but I am not drinking that shit together. And, I still want to eat! No fasting for this natural me, I’ll take my food please.

So here’s the detox diet basics:

Eliminate white sugar and white flour products.
Limit wheat, dairy and meats containing hormones and antibiotics.
Eats lots of whole, fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetables.
Chew food properly and don’t eat on the run.
Drink 8 to 10 glasses of purified water every day.

#2 ~ Detox Herbs to Help the Body Deal with Toxins: Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Ginger and Garlic.

Eat ’em, juice ’em, put them in your tea. Just get ’em in ya.

#3 ~ Detox Nutrients to Support Cleansing: Vitamin C, Lipoic Acid, B-Complex vitamins, Probiotics (friendly bacteria) and Psyllium fiber.

Any other favorites of yours? Please share.

#4 ~ Exercise to Eliminate Toxins: Yes, you must get your booty moving. Raise your heart rate for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week to stimulate blood circulation and movement of the lymphatic fluid to help remove waste products.

Exercise can also help reduce overall fat reserves which are the primary storage sites for toxins.

Ugh – toxins in fat? Great. Now I have to try to sleep at night knowing my ass is not just pudgy, but poisonous too! Good to know, I guess. Maybe it will help motivate me to work out and sweat!

I’ll have to remember to stretch too because the optimal detox exercise is Yoga, which encourages the proper circulation of blood and lymph fluid, enhances digestion, reduces nervous tension, strengthens the endocrine system, lubricates the joints, reduces excess fat and improves concentration. Downward dog anyone?

#5 ~ Hydrotherapy and Skin Cleansing with Dry Skin Brushing, Saunas and Detox Baths: pampering is a fab way to encourage detoxing within our largest organ, our skin.

Dry skin brushing: Take a natural-bristle dry skin brush and brush your body with short, brisk strokes towards your heart. This feels so good. Enjoy dry skin brushing every day before your shower to increase your blood and lymphatic circulation.

Saunas: Help stimulate detoxification through the skin. By sweating, you will release a wide range of toxins stored in your fat and blood and excrete them through your skin.

Detox Baths: Warm baths with baking soda, Epsom salts or sea salt can help eliminate toxins such as heavy metals. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes and then gently scrub your skin with a herbal soap on a natural fiber.

Follow the above 5 steps to cleanse, nourish and rest your body from the inside out. By enhancing the function of your liver and lymphatic system, you are promoting your health, strengthening your body and revitalizing its ability to cleanse and heal itself.

Detox and have fun. It’s time for internal spring cleaning.

Green Golf Game

Here’s a eco-friendly golf online game that encourages recycling. I think it’s a great message to not litter on the greens, or anywhere!

It would be great for the living fairways to not only keep their golf courses litter free but also pesticide free! Keep chemicals out of all lawns, both commercial and residential. No chemicals here, so get on with your putt putt!
Putt It Away!  Minimise waste, maximise profit ... play game now!

After a few virtual swings, think about how one could green up their game. Hmmmm? How could we make the sport Eco-golfing?

Besides seeking out an organic golf course, as you may have to travel to Canada or Australia to find a certified one, any golf master could take the course on foot instead of using a golf cart. That would be eco savvy and earn a hole in one for energy saving. Other ideas are using biodegradable tees and recycled plastic or water soluble balls. That would cool too!

Find an Eco-Friendly Golf Course and Become a Green Golfer with Audubon!

10 Ways To Eat More Fruits & Veggies

 Here are 10 easy tips to help you get into the bunny mindset and get your munch on.

1. Start your day with fresh squeezed orange juice.

2. Cut up a banana in your breakfast cereal.

3. Snack on carrot & celery sticks all day.

4. Eat a salad for lunch.

5. Always stuff your sandwiches full with Green lettuce and tomato.

6. Eat an apple as an afternoon snack.

7. Juice daily. Enjoy combos like carrot-apple-parsley.

8. Squeeze lemon in your water.

9. At dinner, make the vegetable your “main dish”.

10. When you shop at the grocery store, go to the produce section first and always try something new.  Load up on the green goodness and when available, buy organic!

So, what do you think – are you getting your 5 to 9 servings of fruit & veggies every day?

Acupressure Techniques for Nasty Headaches

Acupressure/finger acupuncture Techniques for Headaches
by: Philip Bain, M.D.
view pictures at

Got a nasty headache?  Before reaching for medicine, try these natural headache relief tips as your first choice.  Then add some essential oil of lavender for further relaxation.

Acupressure or finger acupuncture is a variation of traditional acupuncture. It can be helpful as a self-help tool for the treatment of mild to moderately painful headaches. It is a technique of massaging acupuncture points related to headache. There are two important acupressure points useful in treating headaches.


* Locate the important points detailed below.
* Press firmly over the point and begin rubbing in a circular motion two to three cycles per second. Use moderate pressure.
* It works best if done on both sides at the same time. Thus, you may need a friend or relative to help.
* You can perform this procedure for up to five minutes many times per day when you have a headache.
* Acupressure is a safe, non-drug, simple-to-learn technique that can provide relief for mild to moderate headaches.

Point Feng-chi – location and technique


* Below the occipital bone, about 1.5 inches lateral to the midline of the head.
* Sit down and bend the head forward.
* Use thumb(s) to massage firmly in a circular motion.

Point Ho-ku – location and technique


* Over the dorsum of the hand, in between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones.
* Lie or sit down.
* Use thumb to press firmly against the 2nd metacarpal bone and massage in a circular motion.
* It is best to have both sides done at the same time, but if no one is able to help, you can massage one side for up to five minutes and then switch to the other side.

Ahhh, relief… or not?  Tell us what you do to get rid of you nasty headaches.  Do you go all natural or do you just say to hell with it, grab the bottle of ibuprofen, chug it down with some cola and take a nap to awake with the power of Grayskull?

Buy Organic or Go to Hell

Go to Hell Organics

A mundane trip to the grocery store has turned into a time of moral reflection for Dreg on the cost of organics. He truly wants to do right for the health of his family and to benefit the earth but can he afford it?

It’s a showdown between good and evil and a choice must be made.

Either way, is he willing to pay the price?

Just Pretend You Can Afford a Green Home

If green design seems to be available for only those who are sustainably wealthy, you can always just pretend. I found a really cool website that lets you play around building your dream home and gives you choices on energy use, recycling and appliances.  Even how you eat will affect the overall green rating of your new casa.

All Natural Me designed a virtual home that rated: so fresh, so clean.

I will confess that I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t opt for the green roof option. At the time, I really wanted the bamboo siding instead and I was thinking that truly, the roof would need to be flat to have a garden on it, right? We wouldn’t want peat moss and posies sliding off and plopping into my chemical free lawn. The wood siding was just so pretty…

Oh darn. I could have really lowered my energy use by choosing the living roof top. Can I edit My Abodo and make it even more green?

Green House

Produce Codes Actually Mean Something

Pop Quiz!

Who knows the produce code for bananas?

I’m not sure if it is from my debut as a checkout cashier in college or my life long label reading obsession, but I know the answer is 4011. Here’s a bonus question: Do organic bananas have the same code?

If you answered Heck NO! Then you are pretty savvy on the fruit stickers my friend!

All organically grown produce will have sticky labels with a 5-digit number that start with the number nine as compared to 4-digit conventionally grown produce.

Watch out though, genetically modified foods also have a 5-digit number that starts with the number eight. Avoid GM foods if you can. They haven’t been around long enough to know if they are safe or not.

Bottom line, remember the 9 starts for organics and you’ll be fine.

Happy Eating!