Pay it Forward Day

There is tremendous power and positive energy in giving – it is a shame that not enough people have experienced it to the fullest. Pay It Forward Day is about all people, from all walks of life giving to someone else and making a positive difference. At last count there were more than 235, 000 people in 28 countries around the world participating on the day.

So why Pay it Forward?

  • To encourage all of us to embrace the incredible power of giving.
  • To show each other that we care and that there is love, hope and magic all around us.
  • To know that we may be only one person in this world, but to one person, at one time, we are the world.

Make a difference and experience the true power of giving.

Together we can change the world – one good deed at a time!


2 Replies to “Pay it Forward Day”

  1. Me too! I think the website should also put it out there that Pay it Forward Day could happen ANY DAY 🙂 it’d be a great project for any club, school, church or organization to do.

    Personally as an individual, I’m always looking for a sweet PIF (pay it forward) to share with someone. It feels good to be sweet ~

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