People Who Smoke Around Kids Stink

Is this you?


If so, I’m so sick of you.  So so SICK of your stinkin’ ass smoking every where you go which happens to be, everywhere my family goes.

Smokers are everywhere – at parties, picnics, outdoor events, downtown and even to the left and right of my front doorsteps.  I’m surrounded by obnoxious smells.  Some of these smokers I even love, but what I don’t love about any of them, is how they casually overlook my pregnant self and my wee ones that are very much engulfed in their second hand smoke as they continue to enjoy their right to light up.

Lit and unlit, smokers smell bad.

Smoking gets me fired up.  When I see mothers smoking in the mini van with all the windows rolled up AND the kids in the back, I have to remember that I am not in a demolition derby.   When I hear parents speak of their son’s asthma and I know damn well they smoke inside their home, I have to refrain from shouting, you dumb ass!  And when people get cancer after years and years of smoking, so help me I will always remember to not say a lot of things.

But every once in a while, you do have to say a few things if you are someone who is a fan of clean air, healthy bodies and less cigarette litter on the ground.  Yes, you nasty smoking folks drive the nail in by just throwing that smoking butt on the ground when you’re done.  Oh, pardon me to the folks who step out the smolder with your foot – you’re so kind.  It is estimated that 4.5 trillion cigarette butts become litter every year. (Thanks Wikipedia)  That’s A LOT of litter and litterbugs who get away with it on a daily basis.

Luckily, we don’t just have to sit here and fume about it.  There are many ways to get involved locally with education campaigns, installing ash receptacles, encouraging the use of pocket ashtrays and enforcing litter laws.  Even though it’s funded by Phillip Morris, Prevent Cigarette Litter dot org is a pretty handy website.  But if you prefer to visit a website that isn’t funded by bullshit, click straight on to and support their great environmental cause, The Responsible Smokers Act.


And on that note, I will extinguish my flame…

5 Replies to “People Who Smoke Around Kids Stink”

  1. That picture made me laugh. lol.

    But, yeah, cigarette butts are everywhere. I get so disgusted even at the beach while digging in the sand I find a ton of butts. I don’t know how anyone can be so careless and just toss their cigs on the ground. My parents smoke, and I complain all the time about how much it stinks. They’ve gotten better, they don’t smoke inside and they definitely don’t just throw their butts on the ground. I’m still working on them quitting though. It’s a disgusting habit, and I don’t know why anyone would start. Especially now since we know so much more about what they do to us and the environment. Back then people didn’t really know about the health issues with cigarettes…but they always smelled.

  2. Way to go with this post! You are saying what most people think but are too afraid to say it (even online). I can’t stand it when I’m seated in a non-smoking section in a restaurant and the smoke smell just seems to travel right to my nose. Sometimes its even hard to eat without feeling like I’m about to choke or something.

    1. Oh, I know! That smell travels to everything! I hate when it gets on my clothes, it’s impossible to get rid of. It’s all so disgusting, there is nothing attractive about smoking.

  3. I end up defending smokers’ rights with our group (it’s a very long, weird story) – but I can’t agree more here!!
    Total pet-peeve for me is smokers who flick their butts! There are ash-trays about everywhere, to flick is just lazy as hell. Grrrr. I’ve refused rides home for friends who refused to properly dispose of their butts.

  4. Sadie,
    I just have to tell you that I thought about you & this post on Halloween. My brother-in-law smokes and kept trying to smoke while we were handing out candy. I made him put it out every time kids came up to the house. Just couldn’t get this post out of my head. – Good job!!

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